December 29, 2011

Welcome to Our Blog!!

We hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday season and you are all looking forward to the new year. I am looking to the start of the new year as the start of good things to come.

I am a beginner at this blogging stuff, but am really looking forward to doing it. I love teaching and I especially love being able to come up with new ideas to help my students learn. I am constantly impressed with the ideas that Kelly and I come up with from time to time. We are still working on refining our skills and both really enjoy working together to come up with new and exciting things.

I have been looking through other blogs and have really enjoyed looking at what is happening in your classrooms and have found many new ideas that I have never thought of. This is what started me thinking about how much I would love to share our ideas as well. There are so many great ideas out there and sharing them is what it is all about.

Bear with me as I learn how to post blogs and share ideas. I am open to any suggestions you might have! Thanks for looking!
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