March 3, 2012

Valentine's Day

I have had a few glitches since starting the blog, but I think I have them all figured out. Whew! I am so excited to get this endeavor rolling along!

It has been a fun and exciting couple of months in kindergarten since I have started this blog. In January we learned all about winter and animals in winter. We have yet to have any snow in Maryland this year (which is okay with me) but the children would love to see some.

February has been very busy as well with President's Day, Dental Health and Valentine's Day. This year I tried something new for Valentine's Day. I found this great idea on Pinterest ( Take a look, how cute is this???
I took a picture of each of my students with their arm stretched out in front of them and their hand in a fist. I changed the background so it would have a Valentine's feel to it. After printing, I added the heart lollipop so it looks as if the child is holding it out. So adorable!! They turned out great. I did learn however, that position of the children's arm is important. A few of them had their arm stretched out in front of them so when I added the lollipop it covered their face. They still turned out adorable, but I will know better for next year! Everyone seemed to enjoy them!

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