April 17, 2012

The Big Wide Mouthed Frog

Who are you and what do you eat? I am the big wide mouthed frog and I eat flies! 
What a fun book this was to read. We read The Big Wide-Mouthed Frog by Ana Martin Larranaga. The main character, a curious frog with big mouth, hops around talking to different animals asking them who they are and what do they eat. He is very loud and boisterous until he meets a crocodile that says he likes to eat big wide-mouthed frogs. This story was enjoyed by all!
Afterwards, we made this adorable wide mouthed frog. The children painted both sides of a paper plate, one side black and one side green. Then they cut out front legs and back legs, eyes, and tongue and glued them together. This is the adorable final product! It makes for a great bulletin board!!

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