April 5, 2012

Spring has Sprung!

Do you love spring time as much as I do? What is your favorite thing about it? Is it the sound of children playing outside or the birds chirping in the morning? Maybe it is the beautiful flowers that are starting to bloom and the green leaves growing back on the trees. Whatever it might be, they are all happening now!
In our classrooms, we have been talking about the signs of spring. What is happening around us now that we are moving from the cold days of winter to the beautiful, warm days of spring? To add to our learning, the children worked on a Spring Scavenger Hunt in the classroom. Each group of children was given a scavenger hunt card with sentences. Children worked together using their learned reading strategies to figure out the unknown word. They then had to go look for that word, which was hidden somewhere in the classroom. They then placed the word on the card to it's matching sentence. Who knew learning and reading could be so much fun?
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