April 27, 2012

Writing Practice

Do you write everyday in your classroom? We do! We are always working on our letter formation, sentence structure, and creativity. We are always thinking of new ways for the children to practice what they have learned. New to our Teachers pay Teachers store is a packet of writing activities to match our insect theme. We have black and white and color versions of each activity. These can be done as an extension to your lesson, as homework, or put in centers.
This is a picture of a child working on copying insect names in the writing center. You can laminate the page and have the children use dry erase markers to practice writing. These markers come off very easily so the activity is ready for the next child. Some of our students ask us to put out more writing all the time. The cute clipart will also help motivate those reluctant writers you have in your classroom.
Also included in this set is sentence practice. At this time of the school year many of our students are writing several sentences independently. This paper has pictures of seven different insects and lines next to them where they can write sentences. We encouraged our students to write what they wanted to write about each insect. It could be a fact, something they know about the insects or they could write a little story. Below are some examples of what our students did. The first one shows what one child thought about ants. I think he is right...some people do not like ants. Maybe it's because they come in our house and crawl over our food.
This child decided on a story. Before this activity we read a non-fiction book about the life cycle of a butterfly. In it we learned that sometimes when the caterpillar hatches out of his egg he will eat the egg because he is hungry!
We decide to include everyone's favorite insect, a stink bug! Do you like stinky things? Well, according to this child if you step on a stink bug it will stink. So, if we don't want to smell it we better not step on it.
We had so much fun reading what the children wrote. Sometimes they say some of the cutest and funniest things. Please check out this pack of insect themed writing papers here:

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