May 26, 2012

Summer is Coming!

Hello everyone! I know you are all getting ready for the end of the school year and all the craziness that brings. The end of the school year is so bittersweet. You can't wait for summer vacation to come so you can do what you want/need to do but then you realize how much you are going to miss the children. It is so easy to get attached to them and now is the time when they really know the rules and work well together and have fun together. We all need a break, teachers, children, moms, dads, etc., some time to rest our brains and rest our bodies. However, we can't rest our brains the whole summer now can we? Kelly and I have created a summer work packet for the children to work on throughout the summer to help give their brains some exercise over the summer. Included in the packet are activities for reading, writing, sight words, addition, subtraction, graphing, and so much more! Please check it out at our Teachers Pay Teachers Store. Click on the image and it will take you to our store. Have a great summer!

May 20, 2012


Our butterflies have hatched!!! The excitement in our classrooms has been amazing!  All five of the caterpillars made a chrysalis and all five of them turned into beautiful butterflies. We watched them very carefully for a few days as they dried their wings and flitted around the butterfly garden while trying out flying. We put sugar water in the garden along with some orange slices. The children were amazed that they were able to see the butterfly's proboscis drinking up the good stuff. It is always fun when they can get a hands on experience of the things we are learning about.
Friday was Field Day at our school. We had a lot of fun with an Olympic theme. The children participated in several relays and showed good sportsmanship. After field day we gathered together outside and let the butterflies go. Two of them flew out immediately, but the other three seemed reluctant to go. Eventually all five of the butterflies left us. It was a great experience to see the butterflies fly out into the beautiful sunny day.

May 17, 2012

Do you like to eat insects?

We do!! At least we like to eat this kind of insect! How fun is this? To enhance our learning of insects and their body parts, we made these very delicious edible insects. We used three large marshmallows for the three body parts (head, thorax, abdomen), pretzel sticks for the legs (six of them), Doritos for the wings, and chocolate chips for the eyes. To hold the insect together we used white frosting. This can also be done if you have a child with food allergies in your class. I have one this year and I simply emailed the child's mother, told her what we were doing and she substituted the ingredients he would need so he could participate as well. Putting the insect together was a big of a challenge for some, but most of them had no trouble. Make sure the legs and the wings are attached to the thorax. :)
These were some of the comments from our students about these insects. "It really looks like a bug!" "I liked the wings the best." "It tasted good." "It was a tasty tidbit." (Ha) "I loved the frosting!"
Have fun!!

May 14, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

There are so many wonderful mothers out there! What does it mean to be a mother? Wow, that is a loaded question huh? Everyone is different and everyone parents differently and learns as they go along, but what I do know is that all of them love their children with every ounce of their being! Kelly is a mother, I am not. (I haven't given up on that dream yet though.) My mom has always said being a mother is the hardest job you will ever have, but also the most rewarding. Wow, isn't that the truth? Think about how awesome of a responsibility it is to raise a child. You have this little person that trusts in you with everything they are and they know you will teach them and guide them through this thing called life. That's a lot of work, but so many of you out there do it with such grace and love. What a gift, this gift of a child! What a learning experience too! Through all of the stumbles and mistakes that are made, please know that everyday you are doing a great job! I see it in my classroom all the time and I know that you are working to make your child a loving, kind, smart, and just all around amazing person, just like you!
This is the craft we made for our mom's in our classes on Friday. It is an idea we found off of Pinterest and we love how they turned out! We ran the cone, ice cream, and cherry onto construction paper which the children cut out themselves.  The "sprinkles" are words that we came up with as a class that the children thought described their mom. Among them were: beautiful, smart, caring, busy, the best, rockstar, etc. We typed up the words and ran them off on different colored construction paper and let the children chose which words they wanted to add. They had the best time with this and they turned out adorable. We hope you enjoyed your day, you are appreciated!!!

May 9, 2012


The caterpillars have formed their chrysalis and it looks like we are growing five healthy butterflies!
Now the waiting begins again! Sleep well little caterpillars!

May 5, 2012

Caterpillar Update!

Look how big they have gotten!! They have been very busy eating away! The children are getting excited, but keep asking "When are they going to make their chrysalis?" Soon my friends, soon!

May 4, 2012

Freebie Alert!

We just uploaded a free activity in our TpT store. Look for it here: The activity includes two interactive books with predictable text for young children.
There are two levels to the book and both are predictable. Children will look at the underlined word in the text and then using the picture clues (on the page provided) will figure out the unknown word. They will then color and cut out the picture and be illustrators of their very own book! How fun is that? These books will help to build confidence in your reluctant readers and help to reinforce sight word recognition and fluency. Our students love these books!!!

May 2, 2012

Our Caterpillars are Here!

Yay! We are so excited that our caterpillars have arrived! We have been learning about the life cycle of the butterfly so the children thought it was very cool that we had our very own caterpillars in our classroom. Some of them even thought I just went outside and caught them myself. Ha! So now we are patiently waiting for them to go into their chrysalis and then turn into butterflies. Patience is not a virtue of 5 and 6 year olds though.
We got our caterpillars from Visit them and get caterpillars for your classroom too!
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