May 20, 2012


Our butterflies have hatched!!! The excitement in our classrooms has been amazing!  All five of the caterpillars made a chrysalis and all five of them turned into beautiful butterflies. We watched them very carefully for a few days as they dried their wings and flitted around the butterfly garden while trying out flying. We put sugar water in the garden along with some orange slices. The children were amazed that they were able to see the butterfly's proboscis drinking up the good stuff. It is always fun when they can get a hands on experience of the things we are learning about.
Friday was Field Day at our school. We had a lot of fun with an Olympic theme. The children participated in several relays and showed good sportsmanship. After field day we gathered together outside and let the butterflies go. Two of them flew out immediately, but the other three seemed reluctant to go. Eventually all five of the butterflies left us. It was a great experience to see the butterflies fly out into the beautiful sunny day.

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