May 17, 2012

Do you like to eat insects?

We do!! At least we like to eat this kind of insect! How fun is this? To enhance our learning of insects and their body parts, we made these very delicious edible insects. We used three large marshmallows for the three body parts (head, thorax, abdomen), pretzel sticks for the legs (six of them), Doritos for the wings, and chocolate chips for the eyes. To hold the insect together we used white frosting. This can also be done if you have a child with food allergies in your class. I have one this year and I simply emailed the child's mother, told her what we were doing and she substituted the ingredients he would need so he could participate as well. Putting the insect together was a big of a challenge for some, but most of them had no trouble. Make sure the legs and the wings are attached to the thorax. :)
These were some of the comments from our students about these insects. "It really looks like a bug!" "I liked the wings the best." "It tasted good." "It was a tasty tidbit." (Ha) "I loved the frosting!"
Have fun!!

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