June 21, 2012

Build a Bear

My newest Build a Bear!! I am so excited. I am a big Build a Bear supporter and I just happen to LOVE sea turtles. Her name is Talia Turtle. I have about 13 animals from Build a Bear, two of which travel with the children to their homes on the weekend. I have a small notebook that I but in the bag with the animal that introduces the animal to the family and also includes how to take care of them for the weekend. I ask the parents to send me pictures of the animal doing something with them and I add it to the animals scrapbook which goes home as well. It is so much fun and the children love having their turn to take them home. I wonder what trouble Talia will get into this summer before she finds her permanent home in my classroom.


  1. My daughters have lots of build a bears. This is a great idea-I may need to sneak one from their rooms-they will never know!

  2. My daughter is 19 and has saved every Build A Bear she has every made. Of course, all of the accessories, too! Thanks for sharing the great idea!


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