July 23, 2012

Guess Who's Getting a Smart Board?

We are!!!! It is actually going in my classroom, but it is for the whole kindergarten team. Kelly and I will probably be the ones who will use it the most. We are very excited and hoping that maybe next year if not sooner Kelly will get one in her room too!

I was wondering what everyone does with their Smart Boards and what are some good resources out there? Do you still have a calendar, 100s chart, weather graph, etc. up in the front of your room or do you do all of those things on the Smart Board? 

The Smart Board has taken up most of my chalkboard space where I usually have all of those things that we do during our morning routine. I am excited about this new adventure and looking forward to using it and doing fun things with it. Thank you for your ideas! :)


  1. I have an activBoard and i love it. I use all the time. I bought some software from Lakeshore that I love. After some quick training the kiddos can play the games themselves, so I make the ActivBoard a literacy center. I do my calendar on the ActivBoard and it includes a 100 chart, weather graph ect...
    The ActivBoard took 1/2 of my white board too.

  2. Congratulations!! You are so lucky! We were promised SmartBoards years ago & never received them. :( Enjoy using them. I hear they are a lot of fun to use!! :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  3. I have a smartboard and I love it! I still have the hundreds chart and calendar separate. I use the smartboard during phonics with websites such as Starfall and Literactive. I also use it a lot during math, I love the site Johnnie's Math Page! I use it to help model the activities that the students will be doing during math stations. I also use it to play songs and videos a lot during transition times to keep their attention. If you hop over to my blog and click on the label smartboard you will find some freebies and ideas. Have fun with your new smartboard!!
    What I Learned in Kindergarten

  4. Kim

    That is so exciting! Jacob will be disappointed that he missed it! I am taking methods class this year and will learn all about the smart board. Jacob's preK class had one and it was awesome! Have lots of fun with it!

    1. Hi there!! How is Jacob??? Please give him a hug for me. I do believe that the class he is going to be in is getting a smart board too. :) I am sad that the class last year missed it too, I think it would have been such a great motivator for some of them. I am very excited about it!! Have fun in your methods class, let me know if you need anything! :)

  5. Hi Kim and Kelly!
    I'm hosting a Blog Hop about interactive smart board sites. Come check it out and get some ideas to use on yours!

    Kinder Journey

  6. I had a strange space for two years in a temporary room with a mobile Smartboard. I loved the setup I had. Last year in a rectangular room, I had to try different places. This one is shared with my whole team. My calendar is to the side of the Smartboard so the students turn in the carpet squares. It is nice because they don't feel like they always face the same way on the carpet. I almost never do Calendar or Daily News with the Smartboard. I do do phonics/phonemic awareness (not everyday), some Math games, and a lot of Sci & S/S. I create activities like sorts and use websites. It is nice to project a database when reading about an animal and find words together. Our reading program has read alouds from books and from cards. Sometimes I project those and cover parts of the picture to predict. Smartboards are great as part of a balanced program. I find my kids prefer listening to me read books from actual books. They do really love coming to the board just like we went to the chalkboard. Have fun with your new board!


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