October 30, 2012

Hurricane Sandy = Productive Time Off

Hurricane Sandy has come and gone...she brought with her lots of wind and lots of rain. She also gave us two days off from school. While I am sad that we are already using days off, I would much rather everyone stay home and stay safe. We hope everyone that was/is in Sandy's path is safe, dry, and not in the dark.
We used our day off work yesterday to make some new activities for our Teachers Pay Teachers store. Even though we have lesson plans to write and report cards to finish, making stuff for our store is so much more fun!
As the leaves were outside flying around wrecklessly, we were inside making a new activity to with There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves. This lovely lady joins the other "Ladies" already in our store (Swallowed a Bat, Swallowed a Fly, Swallowed a Shell). Our students love these activities!!
We added a math activity with this one too! The unit includes: Old Lady retelling pieces (color and bw), Old Lady for retelling (color and bw), three different writing journals for your to choose from, and a leaf hunt math lesson. Included in the leaf hunt lesson:
**an exploration of tally marks and sets
**materials for the teacher to model how to collect data by using tally marks and answer questions
**leaves to hide around your classroom so your children can go on a leaf hunt
**data collection sheet for the children to record how many leaves they find
**graph for children to display their data and answer questions

Please visit our store to check it out! Stay safe and dry everyone!

October 6, 2012


Wow!! It has been a long time since we have been to our little blog to update anything. We have been feeling very overwhelmed with the new school year and with this new core curriculum. This picture just about sums it up. Hee hee!
How is everyone else holding up?? 

We are amazed at how many of you are so good at keeping up your blog and your TpT store. What are your secrets? We are all ears!

The school year has been a good one as far as the children. Kelly and I both have great classes this year, each with their own challenge of course. We are struggling with the demands of a new curriculum, new math program, schedule conflicts, and meetings. I am sure everything you are experiencing as well.

We are working to get some new things up into our TpT store and will hopefully be updating the blog more often. As a rule, how often does everyone try to post to their blog? I really enjoy doing it, it is the time factor that is the issue.

Hope everyone is doing well out there in "blog land" and I am looking forward to catching up on reading your posts as well!

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