November 29, 2012

Holiday Linky Party!!

It is almost December!!! Yay!! What an exciting time of the year! Can you feel the excitement already in your classroom? We surely can!! My students asked me to play Christmas music today and I told them they had to wait until Monday, let's get through November first. Haha!! I love the Christmas music but am not ready for the wild rumpus to start quite yet!
What is your favorite part of the holiday season?
Join in on the linky fun and see what everyone else is talking about!!
Here are some of our FAVORITE holiday books we read every year with our students.

A Very Marley Christmas (Marley Series)
Who doesn't love this adorable, mischievous dog?
Merry Christmas, Big Hungry Bear!
What do you give a big hungry bear for Christmas?
Here are some of our FAVORITE activities to do during our holiday party!
After making reindeer food, the children make this cute Rudolph bag to store the reindeer food until Christmas Eve!

This one is a lot of fun! Before the children sponge paint the Christmas tree we punch holes all over the tree. After the paint dries, the children turn glue different colors of tissue paper on top of the holes. When you hang it in the window and the sun shines through the holes, it looks like the tree is all lit up! It is so much fun to see the children's faces light up too!

Here are some of our new FAVORITE activities we just put up for sale in our TpT store:

Sounds of the Season is a fun activity for your students to practice identifying the beginning sounds of pictures and placing them on the correct Christmas tree. You can check them out here:
Stockings Hung by the Chimney with Care is another fun activity for your students practice spelling CVC words. Children will look at the picture in the fireplace and then hang the correct stockings to spell the matching word. Look for it here:
Happy Holidays to all of you!!!

November 21, 2012

Turkey Talk

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!! We all have so many things to be thankful for: our families, our friends, our children, our health, our jobs, etc. Kelly and I are also very thankful for all you! Thank you for following our little blog and giving us some feedback, thank you for visiting our TpT store, and thank you for posting and sharing your wonderful ideas as well!!

To show our thanks, we are having a 10% off sale on all of our Thanksgiving/Turkey themed items in our TeachersPayTeachers store. You can visit us here:

The titles we have on sale are:
Thoroughly Thrilling Thanksgiving!!
Trim a Turkey
Totally Turkeys!
Gobbling Up Beginning Sounds

Thoroughly Thrilling Thanksgiving ( includes a variety of reading, writing, and math activities.

Trim a Turkey ( is a lesson on patterns. The children will use the pictures of turkeys to determine the pattern name. Then they will cut out turkey pattern pieces to assemble their very own turkey with a pattern of their choice. Here are some examples of the turkeys our students made:

Totally Turkeys ( includes interactive math centers for your children to practice their addition, subtraction, and number sense.

Gobbling Up Beginning Sounds ( allows children to practice their beginning sounds by matching a picture to a letter.  

Get them while they are on sale and stock up for next year! Thanks for looking!

We wish everyone a very happy and safe Thanksgiving. Enjoy the time with your loved ones.

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