January 18, 2013

Winter Themed Centers

Kelly and I are so very excited to have finished our winter center pack!! We got it up in our store last week. We have included some literacy centers, writing centers, and some math centers. All together there are 12 activities. Check it out in our TpT store:
Our students have been trying them out over the last week and have given us some very enthusiastic thumbs up! We have been working on number sentences and number stories a lot lately and the children are really starting to grasp the concept. We made this adorable center to help reinforce these skills in a fun way. These snowman are feeling cold out in the snow without a warm hat on their head! So, the children will come to the rescue and find that perfect hat! Children will count the buttons on the snowmen to add the sets of colors and find the correct sum of all the buttons together. Then, they will find the hat with the correct number sentence and place it on each snowman's head. Now the snowmen are ready to face the cold winter days!
 Another activity in the pack is Chilly Challenge Memory Game. All the cards have winter-themed words on them! Who doesn't enjoy a fun game of memory?
We have also included a favorite of all five year olds we know, Write the Room! Seriously, the love it!! I have some students who will sit on the carpet during center time while they are waiting for someone to finish their turn with the center!! Of course I say, please go to another center while you are waiting. Haha. Kids are funny!!
Thanks for checking us out!! Enjoy the weekend!

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