February 16, 2013

Valentine's Day and a Friday, Oops, Saturday Freebie!

What a week it has been!! We had administrative walk-throughs, a half day for professional development, no recess, and Valentine's Day!! All in all it was a great week with a lot of excitement in the air. There were a couple days in there where I wasn't feeling too great so I was a little grumpy with the children, but I did apologize to my "babies" to being a grumpy teacher! And you know what??? They still loved me! :)

Here are the boxes we made to hold our Valentines. They turned out so cute!! I am in love with them. I found the idea online from 1st Grade Hip Hip Hooray!! Please go and check out her adorable blog!!

We are also offering another Friday freebie (a day late) by linking up with Teaching Blog Addict once again. This week we are offering a matching a numeral to a set activity for dental health.
In this adorable activity, children will match numerals 0 to 10 to a tooth with the correct set of germs on them. You can get it here.
Don't forget to hop on over to Teaching Blog Addict and check out more fun freebies!
Lastly, I am going to laminate tomorrow. I am so excited I could burst!
C'mon, I know you all know the feeling, that secret thrill you get out of laminating all your hard work. ;)
Here is the pile....oh my....that might take several months to cut out! :)

1 comment:

  1. That is one big pile! :) I have a pile to cut out and I can't find the motivation to do it! I told my friends I am going to have a cutting party and have them over for dinner and they can help me cut! Your Valentine boxes turned out really cute!


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