July 28, 2013

Another Jungle Freebie!

We are just "wild" about the jungle theme in our classrooms. This week we made those fun drawer labels you see practically everywhere on Pinterest. You know the ones that say Copy, File, Grade? Yes those!!

We are always looking for new ways to be organized in our classrooms and we loved this idea!! We've seen so many cute ones out there that people are making and just love them all. We decided that we wanted them to match the theme. So here they are! If you like them, they are free! We hope you will check them out. The file itself does have a blue sky background. Sorry it didn't show up in the jpeg. Silliness!

You can get them here!

As always, don't forget to head over to Teaching Blog Addict for lots of fun freebies!

How many of you already went back to school? How many of you are still getting your room ready for the new school year?

July 21, 2013

Let's Talk Centers!

Ahh...centers! The children love them, we love to make them, but I struggle with keeping the children accountable for them. I will tell them to make sure they don't go to the same center twice in one week until they have gone to every center, but they still go back to their favorites all the time. I know they are doing it and I let it go most of the time. Not a good strategy, I know.

I have tried the center poster that everyone does and I am not a fan personally. I like to give the children some choice in their center time instead of me telling them what center to go to each day. We always have to make choice and they should learn how to do it when they are young.
So a few members of our team brainstormed another way to keep track of centers. We came up with an idea which I have loved for years. We made center tags for every center that has the child's name on it. Kelly uses the same tags over and over every year and writes the students names on the tags with a sharpie. I print new labels every year with the children's names typed on them.

Depending on where the center is located, the tag is affixed using either magnets or Velcro. In the center is a container for the child to put their center tag in to when they are done with that center. Then the next day when they go to choose a center they know they can not do that one because their tag has already been taken down. It worked really well for the first couple of years. I noticed this past year that my students were not even taking down their tags anymore when they were done with a center, they really weren't using them at all.

So here I am again looking for a new way to work centers and keep children accountable for going to all the centers at least once a week before they repeat a center. I LOVE the tags and I do not want to do a chart.

So my question to  you is: What do you do in your classroom?? How do children choose their centers and how do you hold them accountable for the material in centers?

Thank you for your advice in advance! I am looking forward to hearing from you!

July 19, 2013

Friday Freebie! Jungle Themed Bathroom Passes

It's that time of the week again!! Time to line up with Teaching Blog Addict for a Friday Freebie!! Be sure to go and check out all the awesome freebies that are being offered by clicking on the link below.
Our freebie this week includes Monkey Bathroom Passes. We all gotta go right? If you don't have a bathroom in your classroom chances are you will need passes  for the children to be out of the classroom. Check out these silly monkeys sitting on the potty, how can you look at them and not giggle! They may be silly, but they are super cute!
You can download them here.
If you love these jungle themed bathroom passes, please check out our Jungle Themed Classroom Décor in our TeachersPayTeachers store: Kelly and Kim's Kreations
We are so proud of this pack! Both of us use the items in our classrooms and our students love them!! If you don't see something you would like to have included in the pack please let us know. You can comment here or email us at kellyandkimskreations@gmail.com!
Have a great weekend everyone!!

July 12, 2013

Friday Freebie!!

We are having so much fun getting our jungle themed classroom set ready for our store, that we thought we would give you a sneak peek into the pack by offering you a great freebie!! So, we are hooking up with Teaching Blog Addict for their Freebie Friday linky! Head over to their site to check out even more fun freebies from other fabulous bloggers!
Our freebie today is a Jungle Themed Birthday Poster for your classroom. We have included a one page version or a poster version (4 pages) for you to print and write your student's birthdays on, so you will never forget their special day!
You can download it here!
With adorable clipart from Scrappin' Doodles, it will help to brighten up your classroom!
We hope you enjoy the freebie and please look for our Welcome to the Jungle Classroom Décor Pack coming to our store next week. Thanks for visiting us!

July 11, 2013

Word Cards and Letter Books! A Whole Year of Fun!

Hello everyone!

Happy Summer! We hope everyone is having the best summer ever. I personally just got back from a wonderful vacation in Hawaii!!! Oh my, amazing!!! I feel so lucky to have been able to see such beauty!
Here's a little look at Hilo, Hawaii! Enjoy!

Kelly and I have also been working on adding new products to our store. We are so excited to have finally gotten two new products up in the store that we personally love and use every year in our classroom.

The first is our Alphabet Word and Picture Cards. Included are picture cards for each letter of the alphabet, it ends up equaling over 400 words! We have also included four digraphs as well. These cards can be used to help your students to work on so many skills. We use them during our letter of the week activities and they help to develop drawing, writing, vocabulary, understanding of beginning sounds, etc.

These word and picture cards work hand in hand with our Awesome Alphabet Books
We have made the books so they are in the shape of something that begins with the letter we are working on for the week. For example, the letter Ii is in the shape of an igloo, the letter Yy is in shape of yarn. Below you will see an example of the Hh book which is in the shape of a hippopotamus. The children use the picture cards (above) to copy a word and draw a picture on each of the three available pages. We encourage the children to use the model given on the card to help with their letter formation as well as their drawing. After the books are complete, the children take them home and use them as a picture dictionary while writing sentences. At the end of the school year they have a book for every letter of the alphabet as well as a book for four digraphs. The children love these books so much and can't wait to complete them during their center time. 

We hope that you enjoy the books and picture/word cards as much as we do! We use them every year! Since the prep time is huge for getting the books ready we always copy the whole year's worth at the beginning of the school year and have parent volunteers cut them out for us. Parents love to help and the children love when we take out the book that their mom cut out for us!

Last year Kelly and I both did our classroom in jungle theme. We loved it so much, that we are now working on getting that together to sell in our TpT store. We are hoping to have it up in our store by early next week. Keep you eye out for it. If you love jungle animals and love Scrappin Doodles, you will love our stuff!! I fell in love with so much that I am actually going to repeat the same classroom theme for the first time in 14 years! Here is a sneak peek at one of the banners we made:

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