November 21, 2013

Displaying Student Work

We all know that children LOVE to see their creations hanging up in our classrooms to show off to everyone that enters the room, but do you start to ask yourself how do I accomplish this with all the other stuff I am expected to have displayed in the classroom? OR do you have one of those bulletin boards (like we do) that you have to stand on a counter to get to and then maneuver around the computers or other center materials just to get to it? UGH! I remember one summer while I was setting up my classroom falling off said counter and scraping the whole side of my leg on the way down! Can we just say BIG, ugly, purple, and blue bruise that didn't go away for months! Oh my!

Sometimes just the changing of the work can be so time consuming and overwhelming it is easier to leave it up there. We surely loved hanging work all over the room from the lights and ceiling, but then the fire mashall put the big ixnay on that method.

THEN, one day we came across this wonderful idea for displaying student work in an easy and accessible way....
All you need are some page protectors and staples or velcro (depending on where you are posting the student work). Velcro to the cabinets or walls, or staple the two sealed corners and the backside of the two open corners.

Then, slide in student work.

Viola! Super simple bulletin board! We like to do this on our cabinets or closet doors, or on a fabric covered bulletin board that we leave up throughout the school year.

What is your FAVORITE way to display student work in your classroom?

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  1. hey nice post mehn. I love your style of blogging here. The way you writes reminds me of an equally interesting post that I read some time ago on Daniel Uyi's blog: An Inspiration For When No One Cares About Your Dreams .
    keep up the good work.



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