November 15, 2013

Friday Freebie!

Oh those teen numbers, those pesky little teen numbers. We have lots of names for them: Tricky Teens, Terrible Teens, Tough Teens, Troublesome Teens, we could go on and on. What is the verdict on these numbers?! They are hard for our little ones to learn because they just don't make sense to them. So how do we help them to make sense of them?

Well, we have been working hard this week and I think the children are finally starting to understand that the teen numbers mean there is ten and some more. We have acted them out (academy award winning performances I must say), we have danced about them (some of it I call dancing), we have sung about them, we have written them, we have used ten frames, counters, etc. and I can't tell a lie we have cried a little too. Here is a link to a fun YouTube video we watched about the teen numbers:

Today we put a really fun spin on it for the children and let them write numbers on each other's backs to see if their partner can guess it without looking. Don't worry, we didn't ruin any clothes in the process, they wrote on their backs with their fingers! One person in the pair had the numerals written on a card and the other person had a set that represented the numeral. They took turns writing the numbers on their friend's backs and they also had to match the numeral to a set.
At one point today as my children were participating in this activity, I sat down in my chair and just watched them. Every single child in my class was engaged in this activity and every single child was having fun!! Wow! At that very moment I was reminded of why I became a teacher!

We are linking up with Teaching Blog Addict this week to bring you a fun and exciting 0-20 number freebie. It is our version of the "I have, Who has" games with a cute little monster to help out!
You can download it here.

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What is one of your tried and true ways to teach the teen numbers?

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