November 5, 2013

It's the Little Things...

It's always the little things that make you happy! Hearing children's laughter, an unexpected phone call from a friend, a simple thank you, or I appreciate you.

We are so happy to see the end of the first marking period! Not because we are rushing the school year, but because now we can put some of our energy back into our store and this poor little neglected blog!

Yesterday I got home from a day of professional development and in the mail was my brand new lanyard that I bought from a store on Etsy! Can I just say cutest thing ever!! Look at this picture:
Did you guess that I love Mickey Mouse? In fact, I love everything Disney! I can't wait to see the new animated movie Frozen. It looks great!
As I was checking out Etsy I also found the perfect lanyard for Kelly. Take a look at hers:
It is even cuter in person. It was a happy birthday gift for her! Aren't the polka dots fun?  
What is a little thing that has made you smile big lately?


  1. What did you search for on etsy to find thst lanyard?! I love it!

    1. When I went on Etsy, I just searched Mickey Mouse lanyards and I found it that way. There is another one I have my eye on that is cute also. If I can find the name of the store, I will let you know!


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