November 30, 2013

Professing Our Love of Lakeshore!

Have you ever listened to the radio or a talk show and they ask people to profess their love for something? I love when they do that on the radio station I listen to on my way to work! Today we are professing our love for Lakeshore and for laminating!!!

This is where we spent our Saturday:
It's so fun pulling into the parking lot! We are so giddy, it's like we are children on Christmas morning! Even Kelly's little girl gets excited. She even brings her own papers to laminate! How cute is that?
Here is the laminating pile:
Here it is going through the laminator...oh, pretty!!
One of the cool things about Lakeshore is how they always think about children. Every Saturday they have a craft table set up. Here is Kelly's daughter with her leaf mobile she made today:
Look how proud she is! On the way home from Lakeshore she asked her mom if she could put it above her brother's crib so he could look at it. Aww....such a good big sister!!
Now, as I am professing my love for laminating I do have to tell you that I have no love for cutting it out! Haha!!
In addition to my laminating, here is what I bought today:
There was a great sale on this and I am so excited to use it for one of my behavior tickets rewards. It is called Super Supplies and the child can choose to use these extra special art supplies during centers. My students are going to be so excited!!
What is something you would like to profess your love for?

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  1. This post is funny : ) I would have to profess my love to paper. It's so versatile, easy to write on compared to a napkin, and comes in so many colors too. Have you seen some origami paper creations--amazing!
    Kids Math Teacher


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