November 22, 2013

Turkey Trouble Excitement!!

Can you believe we just discovered the book Turkey Trouble about a two weeks ago!! Really!?!? Wow! Where has this book been through our teaching careers and how come no one told us about it?! :)

Well, the first time I read through it by myself I was in my classroom laughing out loud. All by myself!! Then once Kelly read it, we knew we had to make up a fun lesson to go with it. So we worked for the last two nights coming up with some ideas. We taught it today and a lot of fun was had by all!!

We are working on a fun pack for our Teachers Pay Teachers store to share with all of you too! We hope to have it up by tomorrow. Here are some of the fun things we did today:

Children were put into groups and given pictures of turkeys in disguise and sentences that they had to read and match to the correct turkey. Groups were differentiated based on their ability. Some groups just matched a single word to each turkey and other groups had sentences of varying difficulty.

After our small group activity, children worked independently at their table to assemble sentences about two more turkeys in disguise. This was our first time doing something like this, so we supported them a lot this time. Some of the students were able to use the words we gave them and assemble their sentences with no extra help at all. Great job!

For the last bit of creative turkey fun, the children were given a black and white clipart turkey and they were to help come up with a new disguise that would be the best one yet! Some of them turned out so stinkin' cute!!
This little turkey is disguised as a bee! Adorable!
This turkey is a football player for the Ravens! Cute!
This one is just plain fun. He is a spy agent and he is wearing a leather coat!
This is awesome! This is a flag turkey! I would have loved to have seen more red, white, and blue! Great idea!
This turkey is working hard for the money! She is a cleaning lady. Don't you just love her vacuum cleaner?
Here is a cute, cuddly rabbit turkey!
Ahh...what a fun, fun day!! Now we are going to finish up this fun pack to get it in our store. We are hoping to have it up tomorrow, but no later than Sunday definitely!
Happy Thanksgiving!
What fun activities did you do with this fun book?


  1. My team introduced me to a disguise a turkey activity this year. I couldn't believe I had never thought of it. Our kiddos took this activity home to involve their whole family. I will soon post the activity on my blog and in my store. Please check back next week to see the activity and my kiddos disguises!!!

    Shifting Teacher K-2

    1. We definitely will! We can't wait to see them. Thanks for stopping by!


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