December 19, 2013

Christmas Crazy!

We are on the final countdown before Christmas break! It has been a wild and crazy week!! The excitement is in full force.

Today we worked on several projects. Up first, Snow Globes! We weren't sure how these were going to work out and it was trial and error at first, but can you say LOVE!! They turned out great. Here is the final product:
First we took pictures of the children posing like they were having fun in the snow, throwing it up in the air. Then the children made "snow" out of tissue paper. First they cut pieces into a cup and then cut the pieces into finer pieces while in the cup with their scissors. We had a blast completing this project!!

We also had fun making ornaments out of popsicle sticks. The children painted, glittered, and glued these adorable creations! Look at all the cuteness overload!!


These are going to look fantastic on their Christmas trees!!

Finally, gifts for the children! They are the perfect container to bring snack in every day. There is a place to put juice or water in the top part, which also has a built in straw. Then the bottom part has a place for their snack to go! How convenient. So stinkin' cute!!

Tomorrow: The Polar Express movie day and party day! Woo Hoo!! Then a much needed and well deserved vacation!!

What has been your favorite Christmas craft this year?

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