December 5, 2013

Polar Bear Palooza Continues!

Do you know the story Goldilocks and the Three Bears? Do children read those stories anymore? Today I asked my students if they had ever heard of the story and several raised their hands saying yes. I then asked them to tell us something that happened in the story. Some of the responses I got were: "A wolf came in the house and ate food." "The three bears built a house." "A girl walked around somewhere." Haha!! Okay, I guess not! I thought well, maybe they have heard the story before but just don't remember it. So we watched a short video of Goldilocks and the Three Bears and I honestly do not think any of them had ever heard the story before.

The reason I was asking is because we read The Three Snow Bears by Jan Brett today which is a very cute twist on Goldilocks and the Three Bears.
The illustrations in this story are amazing! In true Jan Brett fashion, the story is being told not only through the text and main illustrations, but also additional (smaller) illustrations along the sides of each page.
We read the story and the children then had to work with a partner to retell the story together.
They used a retelling card with picture clues to help them along the way. They did such a great job and they really enjoyed the story a lot!
We also completed an adorable polar bear craftivity today! We made a super cute polar bear that just loves to go fishing! After the children colored, cut, and glued their pieces together, they went fishing with their polar bear for three fish. Each fish had a sight word on them. They needed to catch three different sight words and they had to be able to read all three of them before they could claim them as their catch. It was a lot of fun and it also let some children see that they need to get practicing on their sight words. ;) 

Would you like the pattern for this adorable polar bear? If so, come back Friday and we will have it for you!


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