December 6, 2013

Polar Bear Wrap Up Party and a Freebie!

Happy Friday everyone!! We completed our polar bear theme today and had lots of fun doing it!

We started our day by reading The Little Polar Bear by Hans de Beer.  Lars is an adorable polar bear cub that gets separated from his father and then goes on quite an adventure. He meets some new friends and sees things he has never seen before.

After reading, children worked in their cooperative groups and put the main events of the story in order.

They then colored and cut out their own story events and put them in order. They then wrote a sentence telling what their favorite part of the story was and why. They also had to draw a picture detailing their favorite part. We are challenging the children to write on their own and write at least the beginning and ending sounds of words. The children are doing great so far and we are so excited to see what they will be doing with a little more practice.
We were also able to watch the book come to life in a Little Polar Bear video.
 Here are our children watching it on the "big screen", aka the smart board....hahaha!!
At the end of the day we made a fun and delicious polar bear snack.
All you need is 1 Oreo, 2 small marshmallows, 3 raisins, and frosting.
 Here are some pictures of the children making and eating their fun snack.
Yummy, yummy!!
What a great week! Lastly, we are linking up with Teaching Blog Addict to offer you a fun freebie. It is the adorable polar bear craftivity we shared with you earlier in the week. Our children had so much fun making this cute little polar bear and we wanted to share the fun!
You can get it here. 
Don't forget to head on over and check out all the other wonderful freebies this week!
What kind of fun things are you up to this weekend?
Is it snowing where you live?


  1. I love the polar bear sequence activity. Do you have it available to purchase in the tpt store?

    1. Yes, the reproducible version is part of our "Polar Bear Party" pack. You can find it at .

      We are sorry this comment went hidden for so long! Thanks for stopping by to check us out!


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