December 3, 2013

Pondering Polar Bears

We are having a great time learning about polar bears so far this week! We have a fun week planned.
First we started with a KWL chart. We filled out the first two parts: What do you know about polar bears? and What do you want to know about polar bears? Here is a screen shot of the chart filled out on the smart board. One child did ask, "How do polar bears poop?" However, we decided not to include that on the chart. Haha!!

Here is the book we read on Monday:
We absolutely love this story! An old woman finds a lonely polar bear and takes him home and calls him her son. The cub grows up into a very strong polar bear and helps the woman hunt for food. Some of the hunters in the village are jealous of the polar bear's hunting ability and vow to kill the polar bear. What will the old lady do to save her son's life? After reading, children identified the beginning, middle, and end of the story, as well as the problem and solution.
Here is our Tuesday book:
Here is another fun one! Poor polar bear is lonely, his food is cold and icy, his igloo is cold, dark, and boring! So he decides to write a letter to his friends asking each of them for something that will help make everything better. He writes to koala, panda, sun bear, spectacled bear, and brown bear. Each one sends him a wonderful surprise that helps him to feel better. At the end, polar bear gets the best surprise ever!
This book is adorable with its envelopes that have a letter in them that pulls out for you to read. The children thought this was amazing. After reading, the children matched each character in the story to its habitat.
Polar bear also wrote one more the children of course! He asked them to send something fun that he could do with his friends when they visit. Here is the letter:
The children love that polar bear wrote a letter to them too! Some of the things that they wanted to send to him were a game of checkers, books, card games, Candyland, dominoes, and video games.
We are having so much fun with this theme so far. We are excited to see what tomorrow brings!
What are some good books you have read about polar bears with your class?

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