December 10, 2013

Snow Day Superstitions? and Remembering Sandy Hook

When we were kids and it would snow, we would sit in front of the TV or listen to the radio to hear that our county had closed schools. Oh the joy of seeing the county name scroll along the bottom of the screen! Now, we get text messages to let you know and you can just stay in bed if you want. Haha!

The other thing that is changed, is all the snow day superstitions! Wow! Did you have all these superstitions when you were young? Maybe we just don't remember. Here are some of the ones we have heard of in the last few years:

1-pajamas inside out and backwards
2-spoon under the pillow
3-ice cubes in the toilet
4-yell "Snow Day" into the freezer
5-do a "Snow Dance"
6-put a white crayon in the windowsill

These are hysterical! Wonder where all of these ideas came from? They definitely worked for us today. We had our first snow day! Well, we had a rain, sleet, snow, and then sunny day!

Do you have any other fun and exciting superstitions you do while hoping for a snow day?

Everywhere around the country people are honoring those affected by the tragedy at Sandy Hook last year. Have you seen this video Emilie Parker's mother made? Please take the time to watch it, it is very touching and a wonderful tribute to her daughter. Let's honor all of those that lost their lives that horrible day and do something selfless for others.

Here is our Random Act of Kindness for today in their honor. Kelly and Kim are giving you their Winter Wonderland of Super Centers for FREE! It will only be free until 12:00 noon tomorrow (December 11th) and then it will go back up to its original price.
You can download it here.

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