December 5, 2013

What would you do for a blueberry muffin?

Do you know Irving and Muktuk? If not, you are truly missing out! These polar bears are always getting themselves into trouble!
Irving and Muktuk are crazy about blueberry muffins! The town of Yellowtooth has a blueberry muffin festival every year. As the "muffin-munching merrymakers" have fun at their festival, these two clever polar bears are trying whatever they can to get their paws on some of the hot and yummy blueberry muffins.

Here is one of their disguises. Can you guess what they are pretending to be? Penguins! However, everyone knows that penguins don't live in the frozen North Pole and penguins don't grow to be nine feet tall!
At the end of the story, the people of Yellowtooth capture Irving and Muktuk and sell them to a zoo in Bayonne, NJ which happens to be right next door to a muffin factory!
The children's writing assignment today was to come up with a great plan for Irving and Muktuk to get out of the zoo and get into the muffin factory. Here are some of their clever ideas:
 Irving and Muktuk should try to get blueberry muffins by climbing the fence.
 Irving and Muktuk should try to get blueberry muffins by climbing through the window.
 Irving and Muktuk should try to get blueberry muffins by stealing the keys from the zookeeper.
 Irving and Muktuk should try to get blueberry muffins by dressing up like builders.
We usually take time after the reading the story to make blueberry muffins with the children and then eat them for snack. However, we didn't get to them today because we had a fog delay today. Yes, you heard us right, a fog delay!! 
We also did some polar bear addition today. The children are starting to get the hang of joining sets and using the plus and equal sign. They worked in cooperative groups and completed several number sentences with the help of some very cute polar bears.

 After working in their small groups, they completed an assessment to show off their skills!
She is so proud!!

 The children continued the addition fun with these addition match ups in centers too!
Do you have a good idea to help Irving and Muktuk get some blueberry muffins?

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  1. Oh, these look great and I have a ton of dried blueberries to be used!


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