January 28, 2014

Creativity with Black Dots!

What can you make with 10 black dots???

Today, we read Ten Black Dots by Donald Crews. We brainstormed what the children could make with ten black spots or dots. Then, the children came up with their own creations!

Look at what a few of our darlins came up with:
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this!!! How stinkin' cute!!! Two black dots are eyes on the zebra.

One black dot can be a yo-yo. This child spelled all of his words correctly today!! Wow! What an accomplishment for him! And his handwriting is beautiful to boot!

Three black dots can make a dog. That is the eyes and nose of the dog!

We had to laugh today...we love when the children really get interested in school, learning, and quite frankly, it's like we turn them into little "nerds," haha....in a good way of course!

Kelly's students were all crowded around her table when they came in this morning. What were they doing? Spying through her pile of graded papers to see who got all their math problems right yesterday. HA! After she passed them out there were several who shouted "Yes!" and were SO proud of themselves! Love it.

Kim's little smarty pants boy decided he would make a ten frame with his black dots! He must really love math...his mind went straight to his math tools... Another little "nerd" in a good way!

The children also match words, pictures, and the correct number of dots to make a predictable text to practice reading at home. We found lots of sight words, new and old, and did some partner reading as well. The children are all making lots of growth in their reading and writing! What a fun part of the school year when the children REALLY start to show what they know and what they're really capable of learning. They're such sponges!!!

Do you have any fun stories to show how much your students really LOVE school and LEARNING as much as we teachers do?


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    1. Thank you!! We are so proud of their progress! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. This is so creative! We will have to try this.

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