January 19, 2014

We're Giving Away Groundhogs!

Do you ever get that excited, just giddy feeling while working on a new product for your class? You say to yourself, "These are so cute, I can't wait for the children to use them!" Or you just can't wait another second to laminate them?


We had so much fun working with these cute critters to make new phonics centers for our students, we just had to share with you! Our children love nothing more than new thematic centers that they can use as fast finisher work or during center time. They think they’re just plain funbut teacher bonus: they’re learning through them also!

We made new literacy centers that focus on three important skills for our beginning and emergent readers: beginning sounds, medial vowel sounds, and ending sounds.

 Check out these newbies!

Matching the beginning sound of words to the correct letter
Completing the missing medial vowel sound in CVC words

Matching ending sounds of words to the correct letter

To share our excitement over these new cuties, we’re going to pick a lucky winner (or several) who will receive this entire pack of groundhog greats to add to their classroom centers! All you have to do is comment on this post with your name, grade you teach, and your e-mail address.

We will pick a winner randomly at 4PM on Tuesday, January 21st!
For every ten people to comment, we’ll give one pack away.
So send your friends and we’ll give away more groundhogs!

 Are you hoping the groundhog sees his shadow on February 2nd?

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  1. Would love to win these.They look great.Teach Kindergarten.

  2. Oh these are so adorable! I 'teach' K for one of my kids.


  3. This looks amazing. I teach kindergarten. valerie.ahr@lvschools.net

  4. This looks amazing. I teach kindergarten. valerie.ahr@lvschools.net

  5. How cute - I would love to win this center activity. I teach kindergarten. allie2912@hotmail.com

    Thank you,

  6. I love these (sounds and cvc are what my students struggled with on their DIBELs assessment). I teach Kindergarten. vhair61215@gmail.com

  7. Those groundhogs are so cute! I teach kindergarten and would love to use these with my kiddos...thanks for the opportunity to win!

  8. These are the cutest things I have ever seen. My little ones would love these for their letter and sounds identification......I teacher preschool.......mrs.jillgill@yahoo.com

    1. So cute! I'm Lori and I teach kindergarten! lori.alford@rcs.k12.al.us
      I hope the groundhog does not see his shadow! Ready for summer!

    2. My name is Jennifer and I am a kindergarten teacher.. These are so adorable. jemcclimans@lakeland.k12.mo.us

  9. Hi, I'm Jammie and I teach Kindergarten in South Georgia. I am ready for spring although we really haven't had a harsh winter, it has been cold! You can let me know that I have won the fabulous Groundhog activities for my class at jammieallen@gmail.com.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Let me try this again!

    I teach kindergarten and would love to win a copy!


  12. I would love to win a set for my kindergarten class! This is exactly what we are working on and they are so adorable!!!

  13. Yea!!!! My name is Nancy and I teach Kindergarten in Virginia! My email is nrschom@gmail.com

  14. Adorable! Kgeiges@gmail.com
    I teach kindergarten in Pennsylvania.

  15. Thank you to everyone that entered our giveaway!! We have picked three winners at random and they are being notified right now! Please come back and look for more fun giveaways soon!


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