February 24, 2014

Olympic Fever!

We are so very sad to see the Olympics come to an end. We had so much fun learning about the different events and we were even able to watch some of it during the day! We mostly watched figure skating, hoping that Gracie Gold or Ashley Wagner would bring home the gold. Even though they didn't get a gold medal, they are winners in our book! Amazing job ladies!!

We worked on several fine motor activities that were Olympic-themed since the children were so interested in the theme!

Children squished tissue paper into tiny balls and glued them into borders to create the Olympic rings.

 The children also colored their own Olympic torch and then laced and stuffed them to have for Opening Ceremonies!

Yep, they're excited!

After introducing the sports and watching short clips of each, the children also chose their favorite sport from the Winter Olympics. They drew a picture and wrote sentences telling about their favorite sport and why the like it best.
"My favorite winter sport is bobsled. I like it because two men can fit in it." (Haha!)

"My favorite winter sport is hockey. I like hockey because you get to skate." (Cute!)

"My favorite winter sport is figure skating. I like it because they are doing tricks and they wear fancy dresses." (Note the people watching in the back. ;))

"My favorite Olympic sport is the luge. I like it because it is awesome because they go fast down the hill." (So fast it seems their hair flew off! Haha!)

"My favorite winter sport is figure skating. I like it because people skate. I like it because they wear fancy costumes." (Love this picture!)

The children were so enthusiastic about the Olympics and even came in telling us about people who won medals and different countries they heard about on the news!

Did you teach your children about the Olympics and do any fun activities? We'd love to hear about it!

Do you have a favorite Olympic event or athlete you were cheering on?

Guess we countdown to the Summer Olympics in 2016 now. Can't wait!

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