February 5, 2014

The Very Sleepy Sloth

We are learning about the rain forest this week...and hoping it will help us warm up from the winter chill we've had for quite some time now!

Today we read The Very Sleepy Sloth, by Andrew Murray. The very sleepy sloth is a clever little guy who tricks all the other animals into moving about and teaching them that everyone has something that they do best. Sloths like to sleep and that is a-okay!

After reading the story, the children worked together to match pictures to the animal names and then read sentences telling what each of the animals did during the story.

Look! Our students were SO excited today...it's the little things! NEW crayons...they were a little sad-looking and we are at the mid-year point, so we freshened up their crayon jars!

After discussing the actions of the characters and what they were good at, the children chose character traits that describe each animal and wrote sentences about the animal using those words.

We had a great day! The children were very engaged and loved reading about the characters!

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