March 5, 2014

GoNoodle! Brain Breaks and Movement in the Classroom

We all know that movement and transitions in any early childhood classroom are SO important! Sometimes we sing a song, follow a silly direction, stretch our bodies, hop around, and so much more.

Guess what we found?!? A super fun and always engaging website that combines singing, dancing, moving, and exercise all in one...PLUS it has cute characters, goal setting, and much more too!

With all of our indoor recess during this super cold and snowy winter, GoNoodle has been an asset to our classrooms and the children ask for it daily!

Here are some of their favorite brain breaks and silly photos as they let loose!

We love the Dinosaur Stomp...

Working on our hurdles...
A few of their other favorites are Ants in Your Pants, I'm Happy, and Zumba!

We've been tracking our progress with our little man, Tiny O'Flexem! But he's not so little anymore...Check out his muscles!

Have you tried or heard of GoNoodle? If not, give it a whirl with your students and enjoy!


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