March 6, 2014

Oh That Silly Cat!

Today we read The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss! Who doesn't love that silly cat that comes into your home and wrecks havoc? At least he cleans up after himself right?

We have been spending  a lot of time in our classrooms discussing characters, major and minor, and how they are important to a story. Today we delved into character traits and how their actions help the reader to get to know the characters better.

We looked at photographs of people and animals with different expressions on their face and the children discussed what a possible character trait would be to describe them. Some of the descriptive words used were happy, sad, angry, disrespectful, and curious.

After reading, children completed a journal telling about the trait of one character from the story. They used actions and events from the story to back up their answers. Here are a few of their journals:

"The Cat in the Hat is strong. He is strong because he lifted a big box."

"The girl was friendly. She was friendly because she shaked hands to Thing One and Thing Two."

"The cat in the hat was talented. He was talented because he could stand on a ball and hold two books and hold a umbrella with a fish and have a cup and a cake and have a fan on his tail."
Wow!! That is talent. Hee hee.

 In math today we worked on completing number sentences using a part/part/whole mat. Children worked in cooperative groups to draw counters to complete the math mats and make the number sentences correct.

Look at these adorable cats that we created also!

What other fun Cat in the Hat activities did you do with your students?
We are always looking for new and fun ideas!

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