April 27, 2014

Fun STEM Flower Day!

Do your students participate in STEM or STEAM lessons?

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) or STEAM (STEM with art also) is a way of teaching and learning that integrates multiple content areas while challenging students to use inquiry, reasoning, collaboration, and investigation.

Come and join us on our fun STEM adventure!

We have been having fun this week learning about seeds and plants and we planted flowers and grass. This was a great way to end our unit! First, the children were offered the challenge:

When asked, "Are you up for the task?" They cheered and yelled, "Yes!"

Then they were presented with the problem and the rules for creating a new and unique flower.

Children were given time to examine the materials they would have to make a new flower.

Then they had to work together to make a plan.

They had to be good listeners and good problem solvers!

There were also several moments of pure excitement over "lightbulb" ideas!

Then they drew a picture of their planned design:

Then it was time to start building!

After their designs were complete, they had to answer some questions to make sure their new flower met the criteria.

Here are the final flowers!!

Last, they had to write about their flower in order to convince the people of Bloomin' City that their flower was the best! They were encouraged to be creative and to make a new flower unlike all the other flowers in the world. They were so creative in their responses, we were impressed! Here is one of them:
"Our flower is called a Moon Flower. It makes food from the moon. Also it blooms in the night. Our flower likes when the stars twinkle. It is a bright red flower."

As teachers, we were so impressed by the children's devotion to this project. They worked well together, were engaged, and very excited every step of the way. It was so much fun!!!

What are some STEM lessons you have done in your classroom that were successful?

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