April 19, 2014

Roll and Color Fun! and a FREEBIE!!!

We had the best time on Thursday afternoon with our kinders! So much fun in fact one child proclaimed, "This is the best day ever!" Take a peek at our fun:

We found these cute rabbit eggs at Walgreen's and just knew we had to have them! So what do we do with them? A roll and color game of course! These are a favorite among our children. When they saw these adorable rabbit eggs, all you could hear is, "Aww, they are so cute!" 

So, we gave them their papers (Roll a Rabbit), they got their crayons. and they were ready to play!

These games have been so much fun all year long and have really grown with our children! They began with matching a set with a numeral and now they are working with the dice to practice addition of sets, numerals, and also counting on from a given numeral. These fun containers have definitely increased the level of enthusiasm even more!!

So cute!

The children had such a great time and they were all engaged, laughing, smiling, and helping each other out! What a wonderful thing to see in a classroom full of kindergartners!

So, the game playing was over, they put their papers in their mailboxes, put the rabbit eggs away and asked, "What's next?" Well, imagine their excitement when they saw this:

Roll a Chick!

So, we are now at "rock star" status with our children and we are officially the best teachers in the world and what do we do? We pull out these cuties and earn a few more cool points!

Roll Some Carrots!

Just shake, spill, add, and color!
We were really working on counting on to add more so the children touched and said the numeral and then counted on to add the second set on the dotted dice. 
This game was a great way to practice this skill!

What a great time we all had!
It was an excellent way to end our week before our mini-Spring Break.

You can get these fun and adorable roll and color activities HERE for free!

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Just a little heads up that we're having a giveaway in the next few weeks.
Keep your eyes peeled and share us with any teachers who love freebies!


  1. These activities are so cute. It looks like your kids are having so much fun!

  2. I love those eggs! I picked up some of those too...so many uses for them!
    Thanks for the Freebie!

    Teaching Munchkins


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