May 24, 2014

Flip-Flip Swap Hop!

We recently teamed up with an awesome group of educators and offered to swap products, try them out in our own classrooms, review, and share our experiences with our readers! 
We are very excited to be part of this Flip-Flop Blog Hop!

We swapped products with the lovely Kelsey Brosey from Aloha to Kindergarten!

Our students have been working on improving their spelling in their daily writing, so this was the perfect time for some vowel pattern practice!

Kelsey shared her Ee and Ea Rollercoaster of FUN! vowel practice pack with us and our students got right to work on their /ee/ and /ea/ words with several rollercoaster-themed games, sorts, and reading activities. The rollercoaster clip art from Scrappin' Doodles added to the engaging and fun activities!

First, the children were able to sort word cards by their 'ee' or 'ea' vowel patterns after decoding the words to read them correctly. We liked seeing words like "beet" and "beat." It lead to good discussions on homonyms and some of the children were able to expand their vocabularies as well.

Then, they sorted pictures by whether they were 'ee' or 'ea' words also.

They also were able to play a cooperative game to practice decoding these words some more.

All ready to play!
They used the gameboard provided in the pack, plus dice, and counters for game markers. 
The beautiful smiles were an added bonus!

Roll, move, and read!

Kelsey also included a similar version of the game with the words on cards to allow for random selection of words. The children enjoyed challenging each other to see who would reach the finish line first. Notice how close they are on the game board, one piece is two spaces in front of the other.

Yay!! You read the word correctly, move ahead two spaces! Now they are tied. Who will win? No matter who reaches the finish line first they are all winners with their learning! (We are always working on good sportsmanship too!)

Also in this pack was a reproducible book that included several /ee/ and /ea/ words. 
The children read the passages and illustrated each page.

This was our favorite portion of the pack because it really showed the students' fluency with decoding the /ee/ and /ea/ words, while showing their level of comprehension also.

After reading, the children really did some brainwork by comparing the two roller coasters from the story and then writing about their similarities and differences.

Thanks again, Kelsey!

You can check out Kelsey's TpT store here and her blog here!

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  1. This looks wonderful Kelsey! Love the pics!
    2 Scoops of Kindergarten


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