May 22, 2014

Hot Dots! Thank you, Constructive Playthings!

We were recently contacted by Constructive Playthings with the opportunity to choose a product to use in our classrooms and then review. Lucky students for sure!

We were so excited by this opportunity, but how do you pick just ONE of their wonderful products to try out? After some discussion, we decide on Hot Dots, Jr.! We have both heard about them, but have never actually seen them in action. We were so very excited when they arrived!

We received two boxes, Beginning Problem Solving, Beginning Science, and a pen. 

Here is a picture of some sample cards with the pen:

These cards all have a sentence at the top that tells the children what they are looking for in addition to picture support. The first card says, "Match the part to the animal." The children then have three picture choices (bird, shark, camel). The child will use the pen to touch the black dot next to the correct picture. The pen uses lights, sound effects, and encouraging words to cheer the child on.

Among the positive responses are:
"Wow! That's Excellent!"
"Way to Go!"
"Good Choice."
"That's Brilliant!"

If the child chooses the wrong answer, the responses are still encouraging and let the child know it is okay that they guessed wrong, just to try again. Some of the wrong responses are:
"Aww, nope!"
"Nice try!"
"Whoops, not it!"

This has quickly become a favorite center among our children!

We asked our children what they like about the Hot Dots. Here are some of their answers:
"I like them because I like trying to pick the one that is right."
"I like that it says oops or good try."
"I like that you get to push the pen down to hear if you are right or not."
"I like when you get it wrong, it says oops, try again."
"I like the flashing lights for right or wrong."

There are so many skills included in these cute little boxes. Here is one that shows a community helper and the children need to find the vehicle that he would drive. 

This child is finding the correct animal to match the tracks shown.

Then, they were looking for the type of plant an orange grows from. After the red light and "Aww, nope!" prompt, they were able to find the correct answer and learn something new!

We love Hot Dots so much that we had to get another set so we both had them in our classrooms. We even ordered two additional boxes for other content areas!

Constructive Playthings has Hot Dots available for children from Pre-K through Sixth grade that gives tons of independent, peer, or guided practice in vocabulary, comprehension, science, math, and more. What a fun way to practice and review classroom content! Check them out!

If you love Constructive Playthings, you can also follow them on Facebook for coupons, classroom activity ideas, and more!

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