May 21, 2014

New "Rhyme to Read" Emergent Reading App!

Have you seen the new "Rhyme to Read" beginning reading app?

Its awesome authors, Sara Hines and Lynn Klaiman, both have a great deal of knowledge and experience in various learning and literacy fields and have been working at tweaking this app so it is just right for all of our little learners!

Rhyme to Read is awesome for early childhood reading classrooms because... is colorful and engaging! integrates technology! is research-based! is repetitive! supports visual and auditory learning! builds on prior reading skills!

 There are 20 different leveled readers that children can choose from. Children can pick a new book or pick up from where the bookmark saved their place.

Each new page of text begins with a word list where children can read on their own or touch the color-coded word parts to hear the onset and rime blended for them.

The following pages have text that combines high-frequency words, previously learned word family words, and the previous word list into text that matches the illustrations. This also allows students to comprehend what they are reading. After each page would be a great place to engage in conversation about the story's events with a peer, teacher, or parent.

At the end of each story is a review of sight words included in the book for review, as well as a cumulative list of word family words taught in each book through that level.

Our students love technology that also helps them learn to read and the "Rhyme to Read" program is a great addition to our classrooms!

You can download a FREE sample of this app to try out today!

If you love it, you can upgrade to the full version for only $9.99 for the full 20 books to keep for your children at home or your students at school! These books would make terrific decodable books for your growing readers!

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