June 29, 2014

Markdown Monday! (June 30 through July 4 Discounts!)

It's time for Markdown Monday again!

Browse the sale items that teachers have added below and score some super savings on awesome teacher-created materials!

Choose a product to markdown all week (June 30th through July 4th) and add your product link or blog post featuring the product below. (Then try to make some time to shop also!)

This week we have marked down our.....
...by 50%!

Check them out in our store by clicking on the image above or you can click here.

This set includes calendar headers for each month, days of the week headers, and thematic numbers to match. Each month the number cards create a pattern also.
Here are examples of the month header, days, and numbers:

Something we also added to our calendar routine recently was our Calculating Calendar Math set, which gives the students a place to practice their calendar and weather skills each day in their own folder (either independently or after whole group calendar time). Many teachers have loved this addition to their daily calendar time, so we thought we'd share it with you also. :-)

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Take a look at all of the goodies below that other teachers have marked down this week! Happy Shopping! See you next Monday. Be sure to send your friends over..teachers love bargains!

June 28, 2014

Keep 'Em Buzzy Blog Hop!

We are super excited to be part of this Keep 'Em Buzzy Blog Hop with other amazing teachers and blogging friends!

We are happy to share our "Butterfly Hat Craft" with you! 
This is sure to be a hit with your little ones! 
They are so much fun and just so stinkin' cute too!!

We made these hats when we were learning about butterflies this spring with our Butterfly Bundle activities. (Then we made bee and ladybug hats similar to these when we moved on to learn about other insects! Fun crafts and cute kid overload!)

You can download the hat pattern here.

 You can read all about some of our butterfly activities here.

After the children made their hats and wore them around school all day, they pretended to be butterflies by using their "proboscis" (or straw) to collect their "nectar" (apple juice). They had so much fun!

We hope your children enjoy these fun butterfly hats as much as ours did!

Hop on over to the next blog to find another fun and exciting craft!


June 27, 2014

Friday Freebie! (ocean-themed)

 Freebie Friday
We are linking up with Teaching Blog Addict to bring you a new Friday Freebie!

We are working on a new classroom decor pack that is ocean-themed and today we are sharing our little diver cubby tags!

These cubby tags can be used to label anything in your classroom that needs to be labeled with student names or even storage, but we used them as cubby tags.

Bonus: These tags are editable! Easy peasy...
1. Save the file.
2. Open then file on your computer with Microsoft Word.
3. Choose your font style, color, and size.
4. Type in student names or other text you want to use on the tags. (You may need to resize the text boxes if you plan to type more text than student name.)
5. Print! (You may also choose to laminate the tags for durability.)

Download the freebie here or by clicking on the image below:

We hope you enjoy these tags and are able to use them in your classroom!

Come and follow us to check out the entire classroom decoration pack once it is added to our TeachersPayTeachers store in July.

If you're curious about what might be in the pack or would prefer a jungle theme in your classroom, check out our Welcome to the Jungle! Classroom Decor pack.

You can see it showcased in an earlier blog post by clicking here.

Looking for more ocean-themed goodies? Don't forget that our Oceans of Fun! Literacy and Math Bundle is 50% off through today only!

New sale item coming next week for Markdown Monday!
Do you have an item of ours you've been waiting to purchase?

June 24, 2014

Tech Tuesday!

Do you love technology? Do you love to learn about new things that are out there on the internet? Then Tech Tuesday is for you! We are two teachers that share a love for technology. We are always pushing ourselves to learn more and improve on the skills we already possess. When we learn about something new we get very excited!

This week we would like to talk about Tagxedo

Tagxedo (tag-SEE-doh) is pronounced like tuxedo and their tagline is "Word Cloud with Styles." Cute, huh?

Tagxedo turns words into a fun word cloud. You can turn a poem into a word cloud, a newspaper article, or just random words of your choosing, it is up to you!! There are so many possibilities!

The website is www.tagxedo.com. Here is what the start page looks like:

You can enter a url, a twitter ID, etc into any of those fields or you can just click on start now and get a new screen to enter your words. Here is a Tagxedo completed by putting in our blog url:

If you do not want to put in a website, simply hit start now. Your new screen will look like this:

This is a default word cloud that automatically shows up. To start creating your own, click load.
Start typing in the section that says enter text. You can type words like a list by hitting enter after each word or you can separate your words by using commas. For phrases with a space between them, replace the space with a tilde, like "good~morning" or "good morning." You can make some words appear larger by entering them more frequently in your list.
When you have entered all of the words you want, click submit.

After the image appears, you can change the shape, fonts, color themes, and page orientation. Under "Layout Options" you can also alter the spacing between words, background color, and much more! Give it a try!

While we were playing with Tagxedo, we created a fun summer-themed whale with words that make us smile about summer break!

Kelly made this word cloud into a gift for one of her children's daycare providers.

You can even use Tagxedo to practice reading spelling lists or have the students make them to practice spelling and typing the words!

Tagxedo is also fun way to introduce a theme in your classroom, make a list with students and display it after brainstorming together, and so much more!

How would you use it in your classroom or at home?

Have you ever used Tagxedo?
What fun projects did you create?

Next week we will be back with another fun "tech" addition to your classroom!

Don't forget!
If you missed our weekly Markdown Monday yesterday, be sure to head over and shop through some awesome resources from us and other teachers that are on sale until Friday of this week! We featured our Oceans of Fun literacy and math bundle on our blog and marked it down by 50% all week! If you have a product you'd like to discount, please link up and consider marking something down next week again. Happy Shopping!

June 23, 2014

Markdown Monday! Linky Party featuring Oceans of Fun!

We have wanted to host a linky party for quite some time now, but have never taken the plunge! Well, we finally did it! We are happy (and a little nervous) about hosting our very first linky party!

Welcome to "Markdown Monday!" Every Monday we will feature one of the products in our TeachersPayTeachers store and offer it for a discounted price!

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Our children had so much fun toward the end of the school year with our new ocean activities that gave them great practice on important skills, but also proved to be engaging and motivating! We would hear "oohs" and "aahs" whenever we introduced new literacy and math centers that went along with our learning theme. What teacher doesn't get warm fuzzies over the children's excitement about learning?!?
This week we are featuring our Oceans of Fun! bundle for a reduced price!!

Check out some of our awesome students trying out several of the activities in our new 
Oceans of Fun literacy and math bundle!

Roll and Color by Sum
Children roll two dice and color the part of the picture with the correct sum. They love these! Easy to differentiate with dotted dice, numeral dice, or one of each!

Color by Sums and Differences
Children look at the color key, solve the equations, and then color each part of the picture the correct color based on the answer to each equation. 

Place Value Plunge
Children draw a card from the deck, count the cubes using hundreds, tens, and ones with base ten block pictures, and then write that number on the hundreds chart. Lots of brainwork going on here and they loved it! These kindergartners amaze us! We have a differentiated version with a completed hundreds chart in our pack also.

Below this child is filling in the numeral 20, which she has found the correct spot for. As you can see, she had some difficulty with placement of some of the other numbers on the 100s chart. This was such a great teachable moment for us. So often we find ourselves sitting in a small group doing intervention, reteaching, enrichment, or whatever else is needed that we rarely get to sit with our children in centers. It was a powerful moment to be able to sit with the children that chose this activity and help guide them and help them to problem solve to find the correct spot on the hundreds chart. 

Addition in the Ocean & Subtraction in the Sea
Children spin two numbers, add or subtract, and record the equations and answers on the recording sheet.

The children loved this activity so much! Who doesn't love to spin the spinners around? 
The build-a-bears even joined in on the fun!

Double Ten Frame Addition and Subtraction
Children use counters on the addition cards or cross objects out on the subtraction cards. Then, they can record the sum or difference on each card.

Crabby Vowels
Children segment the sound in each word and then pop the bubbles of the incorrect vowel sounds. We have three sets of this center in our pack: CVC words, CVCe words, and words with vowel teams.

Ocean Observer
Children choose a high-frequency word from the pile and try to read it. If they know the sight word, they can place in on the ocean animal word that is on the picture. If not, the card is discarded. The object is to fill all ten ocean animals and read as many high-frequency words as possible!

Ocean Syllable Clippies
Children clip each ocean picture that has the correct number of syllables shown on each card.

Ocean I-Spy
Children use a magnifying glass to locate all of the words hidden in the ocean scene, read them, and then write them on the recording sheet. They love figuring out what the words say and seeing if they can find them all to fill up the recording sheet!

Write the Room
Children search around our classrooms to find one word to record that begins with each letter of the word on their sheet.

These activities (and more) are included in our newest thematic bundle in our store! 
You can grab it on sale for Markdown Monday from our TpT Store!!

June 20, 2014

Summer Stock Up!

Another school year has just come to and end and we are already thinking about next year! 
There is so much to think about...From classroom organization, to classroom management, to classroom decor!  The list goes on and on, but we are here to help! We are so honored to be part of this fabulous blog hop with some amazing teachers and bloggers. We are happy to be sharing some of our classroom decorations that are sure to put a smile on your face!

Are you thinking about changing, adding to, or even just starting a classroom theme? We have always enjoyed having a theme in our classrooms and it has changed many times over the years. However, last year we started a jungle theme in our classes and we fell in love!! Now we keep the same theme and just keep improving it over time. Come and take a look with us!

We took the fun jungle-themed classroom decorations and made them blank, but editable, so you could add your student names and classroom specifics to them to make them fit your needs perfectly!

Check out pictures of the many items included in this huge classroom decor pack...

Helper Chart
Customize names and classroom jobs to teach your little jungle animals to take responsibility for their learning environment. We're all a team and we all help out!

Cubby Tags
Your cubbies would be super cute with tags...or use them for something else in your classroom too! You pick the font and color since you can edit these on your own computer to your liking!

Name Tags
Kelly uses pencil boxes while Kim likes circular crayon jars. The name tag on top is a sample of the one included in this pack. The second one was altered to meet Kim's needs in her classroom.

Pencil Containers
These container labels even give a thematic look to your pencil organization!

Crayon Jars
Here are the adorable crayon jars from Oriental Trading that fit perfectly on the nameplate circles and can be labeled with another set of labels in our pack.

Behavior Awards Containers
We use a ticket system where children can earn or lose jungle animals for classroom behavior, participation, etc. The children LOVE these animals and the incentives they can earn by saving them. Check out our Terrific Tickets to see what classroom rewards we offer...No prize box needed! These name labels organize where students store their saved jungle animals until they can cash in for a ticket.

Displaying Student Work
This bulletin board header is a fun way to show off all of your students' awesome work!

Numerals 0-10
Yes, we're a little jungle-crazy! Last year we added these fun number, word, and set posters to our classroom displays. (Little secret for you! It is a freebie in our store!) The children use them daily to check their numbers through counting, adding, number word writing, or numeral formation.

The number posters above also coordinate with our rainbow alphabet posters displayed in our classrooms! We love them because they are colorful, they include a picture and word for each letter, and they fit perfectly on our bulletin boards above our chalkboard/whiteboard.

Height Chart
We take "beginning of the year" and "end of the year" pictures by this wild growth chart to show how much students change throughout the school year. We love it when someone wears the same outfit by coincidence, ha!

Where are we?
Need to find us? We hang this beside our classroom door and it is one child's job to change the animal to show where our class is if we're not in our classroom.

Book Marks
These "Reading is an Adventure" bookmarks match our growth chart and allow our students to bring our jungle-fun home while they're reading!

Center Checklist
Children can keep track of their centers visited with these coordinating center signs, tags, and checklists also found in our TpT store.

Days of the Week Drawer Labels
YAY! You found our newest freebie!
These drawer labels will help you organize your lesson materials for your week while also keeping them adorable and dust-free! We have tons of drawers labeled in this way and it makes your classroom appear neat, tidy, and of course.....thematic! We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Click on the picture below to continue the fun!

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