June 23, 2014

Markdown Monday! Linky Party featuring Oceans of Fun!

We have wanted to host a linky party for quite some time now, but have never taken the plunge! Well, we finally did it! We are happy (and a little nervous) about hosting our very first linky party!

Welcome to "Markdown Monday!" Every Monday we will feature one of the products in our TeachersPayTeachers store and offer it for a discounted price!

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Our children had so much fun toward the end of the school year with our new ocean activities that gave them great practice on important skills, but also proved to be engaging and motivating! We would hear "oohs" and "aahs" whenever we introduced new literacy and math centers that went along with our learning theme. What teacher doesn't get warm fuzzies over the children's excitement about learning?!?
This week we are featuring our Oceans of Fun! bundle for a reduced price!!

Check out some of our awesome students trying out several of the activities in our new 
Oceans of Fun literacy and math bundle!

Roll and Color by Sum
Children roll two dice and color the part of the picture with the correct sum. They love these! Easy to differentiate with dotted dice, numeral dice, or one of each!

Color by Sums and Differences
Children look at the color key, solve the equations, and then color each part of the picture the correct color based on the answer to each equation. 

Place Value Plunge
Children draw a card from the deck, count the cubes using hundreds, tens, and ones with base ten block pictures, and then write that number on the hundreds chart. Lots of brainwork going on here and they loved it! These kindergartners amaze us! We have a differentiated version with a completed hundreds chart in our pack also.

Below this child is filling in the numeral 20, which she has found the correct spot for. As you can see, she had some difficulty with placement of some of the other numbers on the 100s chart. This was such a great teachable moment for us. So often we find ourselves sitting in a small group doing intervention, reteaching, enrichment, or whatever else is needed that we rarely get to sit with our children in centers. It was a powerful moment to be able to sit with the children that chose this activity and help guide them and help them to problem solve to find the correct spot on the hundreds chart. 

Addition in the Ocean & Subtraction in the Sea
Children spin two numbers, add or subtract, and record the equations and answers on the recording sheet.

The children loved this activity so much! Who doesn't love to spin the spinners around? 
The build-a-bears even joined in on the fun!

Double Ten Frame Addition and Subtraction
Children use counters on the addition cards or cross objects out on the subtraction cards. Then, they can record the sum or difference on each card.

Crabby Vowels
Children segment the sound in each word and then pop the bubbles of the incorrect vowel sounds. We have three sets of this center in our pack: CVC words, CVCe words, and words with vowel teams.

Ocean Observer
Children choose a high-frequency word from the pile and try to read it. If they know the sight word, they can place in on the ocean animal word that is on the picture. If not, the card is discarded. The object is to fill all ten ocean animals and read as many high-frequency words as possible!

Ocean Syllable Clippies
Children clip each ocean picture that has the correct number of syllables shown on each card.

Ocean I-Spy
Children use a magnifying glass to locate all of the words hidden in the ocean scene, read them, and then write them on the recording sheet. They love figuring out what the words say and seeing if they can find them all to fill up the recording sheet!

Write the Room
Children search around our classrooms to find one word to record that begins with each letter of the word on their sheet.

These activities (and more) are included in our newest thematic bundle in our store! 
You can grab it on sale for Markdown Monday from our TpT Store!!

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