June 24, 2014

Tech Tuesday!

Do you love technology? Do you love to learn about new things that are out there on the internet? Then Tech Tuesday is for you! We are two teachers that share a love for technology. We are always pushing ourselves to learn more and improve on the skills we already possess. When we learn about something new we get very excited!

This week we would like to talk about Tagxedo

Tagxedo (tag-SEE-doh) is pronounced like tuxedo and their tagline is "Word Cloud with Styles." Cute, huh?

Tagxedo turns words into a fun word cloud. You can turn a poem into a word cloud, a newspaper article, or just random words of your choosing, it is up to you!! There are so many possibilities!

The website is www.tagxedo.com. Here is what the start page looks like:

You can enter a url, a twitter ID, etc into any of those fields or you can just click on start now and get a new screen to enter your words. Here is a Tagxedo completed by putting in our blog url:

If you do not want to put in a website, simply hit start now. Your new screen will look like this:

This is a default word cloud that automatically shows up. To start creating your own, click load.
Start typing in the section that says enter text. You can type words like a list by hitting enter after each word or you can separate your words by using commas. For phrases with a space between them, replace the space with a tilde, like "good~morning" or "good morning." You can make some words appear larger by entering them more frequently in your list.
When you have entered all of the words you want, click submit.

After the image appears, you can change the shape, fonts, color themes, and page orientation. Under "Layout Options" you can also alter the spacing between words, background color, and much more! Give it a try!

While we were playing with Tagxedo, we created a fun summer-themed whale with words that make us smile about summer break!

Kelly made this word cloud into a gift for one of her children's daycare providers.

You can even use Tagxedo to practice reading spelling lists or have the students make them to practice spelling and typing the words!

Tagxedo is also fun way to introduce a theme in your classroom, make a list with students and display it after brainstorming together, and so much more!

How would you use it in your classroom or at home?

Have you ever used Tagxedo?
What fun projects did you create?

Next week we will be back with another fun "tech" addition to your classroom!

Don't forget!
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