July 1, 2014

Tech Tuesday! featuring Symbaloo!

Welcome back to another edition of Tech Tuesday. We hope you enjoyed reading about Tagxedo last week. This week we will be showing you another very cool feature out there on the web: Symbaloo.

Do you get tired of searching through your bookmarks all the time for your favorite websites? Do you want to be able to access them with one click of your mouse? Then you might want to check out Symbaloo!

What is Symbaloo?
Symbaloo is a way for you to bookmark and organize all of your weblinks in one place.
How does Symbaloo work?
Symbaloo uses webmixes (pages) for you to view your bookmarks, which are called tiles. You can add as many tiles as you need to and you can customize them with your own text and image. There are already many tiles already created for popular websites such as Google, Gmail, Blogger, etc.
How do I access Symbaloo?
You can access Symbaloo from any device that has a web connection. You can even download the app to your smart phone!
What's the best part?
It's FREE!!

Here is an example of a Symbaloo:

The thing that we are the most excited about is the ability to customize a webmix for easy use in the classroom. We are working on making a webmix that includes great sites for our children to visit. Then we will be able to have it set up on the computers in the classroom and the children can access the websites easily.

Here is an example of what we have so far:

Do you have any other great websites for children that we could add to our webmix?

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  1. OMG! This is awesome!! I can't wait to check this out!


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