July 22, 2014

Tech Tuesday - Our Favorite Printer

This week for Tech Tuesday we would like to profess our love for our Epson printer! Between the two of us we have owned many printers from many companies and we have never loved a printer as much as we do our Epson! 

Here is the first printer we had:
This is the Epson Stylus RX580, such a true and loyal friend 'til the end. It was a very sad day when (many years after buying) when a messaged displayed that said the printer had reached the end of it's life. 
*Sigh* *Panic Mode* *Oh No!!* 
*Call Epson*
"Please what can we do to get the printer working again?" "I am sorry m'am, but there is nothing we can do unless you want to send it off to have it fixed which would probably cost more than buying a new one." "Ok, (tear) but I need one that is comparable to this one." 

So here is the new one!

This printer uses 6 different inks (Cyan, Light Cyan, Magenta, Light Magenta, Yellow, and Black). We know some of you might think "oh gosh, 6 inks, that is going to be so expensive," but is it REALLY more efficient than a printer that requires less ink cartridges. (Plus, you can buy high-capacity cartridges online which last even longer!)

You can copy, print, scan, and fax all with this one little machine. It has the ability to be wireless which a huge bonus if you have several computers in your house or want to simply print from your smart phone.
One of the features that we absolutely love is being able to print in poster mode.

Here is how you do it:
Step 1: File, Print, Setup...

Step 2: Properties...

Step 3: Page Layout...

Step 4: Check "Multi-Page..."

Step 5: Click "Poster Printing" and 2x2 shows up. You may alter this as well to create larger or smaller posters. This is how we like to print all of our growth charts and large classroom posters. (Even though we break them down for you in our packs in case your printer doesn't have this function!)
(You can make mini-documents too for student task cards and whatnot by selecting "Pages per Sheet" instead...Just another bonus feature!)

Here are some of our completed posters hanging in our classrooms:
Our walls wouldn't be what they are now without these amazing printers and their poster-printing function!

Tip! When you are done printing your posters, don't forget to go back into "Page Layout" and un-check the "Multi-Page" printing or your next document will print like a poster too! Ha! We have learned this the hard way...

If you would like a tutorial on how to then put these posters together you can find directions in a previous blog post: Poster Crazy!

Anyway, we LOVE LOVE LOVE the Epson all-in-one printers we have had and thought we'd share a bit about them and their awesome poster-printing feature for our Tech Tuesday tidbits!

(These opinions are, of course, all ours and are in no way compensated by Epson.
We just love their printers and wanted to share with you!)

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