August 1, 2014

Back to School BBQ Blog Hop (August 2nd-5th)

We hope everyone is having a great summer and enjoying time spent with family and friends. Have you been to any fun BBQ parties this summer? Well, this one is sure to be THE BBQ of Summer 2014!

We have three very fun, very kid friendly recipes to share with you. They all have something to do with everyone's favorite summertime treat:
We also have a freebie and a giveaway at the bottom of this post, so stick with us until the end. :)

 Two Ingredient Playdough
This is seriously the easiest playdough to make and there are even two bonuses: it smells good and you can eat it if you want to. ;)

Here are the ingredients: 1 can of frosting and 1 1/4 cup of flour. 

First, put the ingredients into a mixing bowl.

Sneak a little taste every now and then too!

Here are all the ingredients are in the bowl:

Now dig in and get dirty!
At first the playdough will be very sticky, but keep mixing, it will start to turn into a nice playdough consistency very soon. If it seems too dry try adding some water to the mixture or add a little flour if it is too sticky. 

After we had our pretty pink playdough, we decided to add some blue food coloring so we could have two different colors.

We used our two different colors and made this fun double scoop ice cream cone with sprinkles. Eating is optional. Ha! 

We also made a cookie and a donut using the playdough. This donut is called a "blueberry rainbow" according to our 5 year old helper! Think we can talk Dunkin' Donuts into adding it to their menu?

Moving on to Snack #2...
Ice Cream Hamburger
Here is what you will need: 2 sugar cookies, yellow and red icing or frosting, chocolate ice cream, and cherries. Before making the hamburger you should shape some chocolate ice cream into a patty and freeze for at least two hours. (We just put a scoop on Saran wrap or wax paper, folded in, flattened the scoop into a patty and stuck it in the freezer.)

Put the frozen patty on top of one cookie, add ketchup (we used red icing), add mustard (we used yellow buttercream frosting), and then add the last bun. 

Voila! You have an ice cream hamburger!

Seal of approval!

Ice Cream for Lunch!
Yes, you read that right! Ice cream for lunch! Wait until you see this, it is so much fun and healthy too!
First, start by grilling your grilled cheese sandwiches and cutting up a banana into many thin slices.

Next, trim the corners of the grilled cheese sandwich.

Now it is in the shape of a triangle (ice cream cone).

Use the crust from the pieces you trimmed off earlier to make the cone pattern.

Start adding the banana slices.

Then all you need it a cherry on top! We even added a smidge of chocolate syrup for a stem. Our helper loved that idea!

Here is our finished ice cream cone! Time for lunch!

We love ice cream activities in our classrooms and at home.
Check out our Edible Equations freebie for addition and subtraction review!

Fun Ice Cream Centers!
Yes, MORE ice cream activities! We added Ice Cream ABCs, Sprinkled with Sets, and Scoopin' Up Sums to our center games last year and they were a huge hit! These would be great for classrooms, homeschooling, tutoring, you name it!
We'd love if you stopped by our store to check them out. :-)

We are also hoping one of our blog hoppers would LOVE to win a copy of our Banana Split CVC Center! Yes, you would? Enter the Rafflecopter below and we will choose one winner on August 6th! Good luck!


  1. My kids would definitely love the grilled cheese ice cream cone!

    1. It was so much fun! You can even change it to be breakfast instead and use a waffle for the cone part! Enjoy!

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  3. I think they'd love the ice cream hamburger!

  4. I think mine would be interested in the grilled cheese ice cream. Cute!

  5. Ice Cream Hamburger all the way!

  6. The ice cream hamburgers are my favorite!

  7. The grilled cheese ice cream cone looks delicious! Even I would eat it!

  8. I LOVE the grilled cheese ice cream cone. Wish I had kids to make it for. Maybe I will remember it when babysitting one day:-)

    1. You can make it for yourself too!! No children needed!! It is fun! :)

  9. Love your food ideas for cooking with kids! Thanks for sharing them!

  10. My son would love the ice cream for lunch! He loves "nanas" and grilled cheese!

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  12. Oops! My kiddos would prefer the ice cream hamburger.

  13. The ice cream for lunch - but I am sure if they were both sitting there they would be happy to eat them both!!

  14. Grilled cheese!

  15. Cute Blog! can't wait to spend more time here!

  16. OOPS...Published too quickly! My kids would prefer the ice cream hamburger!

  17. My kiddos would love the ice cream hamburger :)

  18. The ice cream hamburger would for sure be a hit!! I mean that was so neat! I'd enjoy it too. :)

  19. Probably the grilled cheese ice cream cone.


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