August 14, 2014

Cooking Up a Great Year!

We are so excited to be joining up with some amazing bloggers and friends for this Cooking Up a Great Year Blog Hop!! We hope you have find some delicious recipes for the upcoming school year and some fun freebies too!

We are happy to share a very unique and completely "off the top of our heads" cooking activity you can do with your students to go along with everyone's favorite new book, Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes.
Who doesn't love this adorable and very laid back blue cat?!

We love to use Pete during our colors unit in our kindergarten classrooms! Our children ask to read and listen to Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes all year long! He helps the children (and teaches) to remember that "it's all good" no matter what we step in or what troubles we encounter from day to day...We just keep on walking and singing our song! 

We have also added in the fun Rockin in My School Shoes and My Four Groovy Buttons Pete books to other units throughout the year! Pete is great for a fun, repetitive story that the children can learn to read on their own eventually! He is a hit in our classrooms!

Here is our delicious idea to go along with I Love My White Shoes.

We played around with different ideas here and there are so many other things you could use to substitute what we used. We wanted our snack to look as much like Pete as possible.

 ~Steps 1, 2, 3, & 4~
(to be done before the activity)
1. Add blue food coloring to your sugar cookie dough.
2. Mix together until you get a blue color you are happy with. 
3. Use a cookie cutter to make a cat face.
4. Put the cookies in the oven.

This is the cookie cutter we used, but there are many out there if you like something different.
We thought this one resembled Pete the most. :)

~ Step 5 ~
Cover one graham cracker rectangle generously with blue frosting.
This will be Pete's body!

~ Step 6 ~
Assemble Pete's legs by using 4 pretzel sticks and 2 large marshmallows. We pulled the marshmallows apart to get 4 shoes and then pushed the pretzel stick through the marshmallow.

~ Last Steps ~
Assemble Pete and put on the finishing touches. 
We used fruit slices and chocolate chips for Pete's eyes and a piece of marshmallow for his nose. Then we used colored frosting to represent the things that Pete stepped in along the way. 
red frosting = strawberries
blue frosting = blueberries
chocolate frosting = mud

Oh my goodness!! Just look at how adorable he is!! 
He looks good enough to eat!

This food craft ends up being pretty large so we like for the children to work in pairs and share the work of assembling the cat and then they share while eating as well. 

~ Alternate Version of the Snack ~
Since the above snack is bigger than what we would normally give our children for snack, we also make another snack that turns out to be smaller. He is put together just like the one above for the exception of the head. This time we used just a small store bought sugar cookie which is significantly smaller than the cookie cutter. In this version his eyes and ears are cut up pineapple pieces. The only other difference is this one used only one marshmallow for the feet, cut into 4 pieces. Still yummy!!

~ Healthy Alternative ~
We also thought that some of you might only want to do Pete's face instead of his whole body, so we came up with a healthy version of this snack as well. Here we used a rice cake covered with grape jelly, orange slices and raisins for the eyes, blue tortilla chips for the ears, and a pineapple piece for the nose. 

~ Other Snack Ideas You Might Like ~
We found some other fun snacks on the web while we were thinking about Pete and wanted to share them with you in case you would like to check them out. Click on the snack name and it will take you to the site.

~ Freebie ~
Our children LOVED this Pete the Cat craftivity and now we are sharing it with YOU!
Children can color and cut our their own Pete the Cat and his white shoes and change him to tell about what color shoes he would have, what he might step in, and so on.
When assembled, this is what the craftivity will look like. Of course it will have lots of beautiful color when your children are done with it!

You can get your free copy of the pattern here.
We hope your children love their own Pete as much as ours did!


  1. I LOVE Pete!!! What an adorable snack craft!!!! Thanks so much for sharing all the different variations! Enjoy your new school year!
    Jenn :)
    Crayons & Cuties In Kindergarten

  2. Could this post be any cuter?? I absolutely loved your ideas (especially since I'll have K this year!). Thanks so much for joining us at the last minute. This was fantastic!

  3. This is adorable! Thanks for the cute idea!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing!! I love Pete the cat :)

  5. I love Pete! So cute for the kids to enjoy. Thanks for sharing!

    Teaching Momster

  6. Love Pete the Cat, and our kindergarten classes do a Pete the Cat week. It will be so nice to use this at that time! Thanks so much!

  7. Love your Pete the Cat food craft! My Kinders can't get enough of Pete!

    Kay @ Sommer Pride

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