August 27, 2014

Math Madness Wednesday: Ten Frames!

Everyone is always on the hunt for tips and tricks to help with math. We are linking up with Krista at Teaching Momster today to share how we use our quick, cheap, and super easy ten and twenty frames in our classrooms!

We made some ten and twenty frame workmats that require very little prep...just print, laminate, and cut apart! They're colorful and great to use with your students all year long!

We use them for number sense from 0-5 or 0-10. (You could even cut them to make a set of five frames for early pre-k or struggling students.)

We use them for counting on from 5 when learning that the first row on a ten frame is always 5. Count on with us, "Five.....six, seven." :-)

 We use them to learn addition with two color sets of manipulatives.

 We love to use our double-sided counters to show different ways to make a given number. 4 and 3 make 7, but then children can easily flip their counters on their frame to make 7 with 5 and 2 or 6 and 1, etc. These double-sided counters and ten frames are a key tool when teaching subtraction in our classrooms also!

The children also love to make up their own story problems and number sentences in the math center with other manipulatives!

When we get to teen numbers and addition of bigger numbers, our twenty frames (or double ten frames) come in handy also!

If you're looking for a great set of ten and twenty frames, you can grab them in our store for next to nothing. ;-) Check them out here.

We also have some other seasonal ten frame lessons if you search "ten frames" in our store. Thanks for stopping by!

Hop on over and visit the Teaching Momster to view other amazing  products from your fellow teachers in this fun linky party!

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