August 5, 2014

Tech Tuesday Class Dojo

This week for Tech Tuesday we are excited to talk about ClassDojo!
What is ClassDojo
It is a tool for teachers that helps to improve classroom behavior! Dojo uses adorable monster avatars too! They are just too cute. 

Sign up is easy and free! After you sign up there is a Demo Class in your folder so you can play around with the features if you want to try it out first. Hopefully Cameron Diaz and Hugh Jackman can behave together!

You can customize Dojo to meet your classroom needs...text and picture size, how to display names, how to count and display points, notifications, and sound control.

Class Dojo allows teachers to award points to their students for specific behaviors that the teacher chooses to focus on. You can use their behaviors (some shown below), or define your own!

The positive behavior you are looking for might be a list of ten "good deeds," your five school rules, or one item that you decide needs work after discussion in your class meeting. It is ALL up to you and it can be awarded individually or as an entire class. Very cool!

Do you leave the display on your screen during the day or just let children hear the 'ding' or 'buzz' and guess who it was for and what gave them or made them lose a point?!? Or keep them guessing all day with no sounds at all?!? Ooh, suspense!

You can even download the app to your tablet or phone and have it handy at recess, lunch, on field trips, etc!
To download from iTunes, click here.
To download from GooglePlay, click here.

At the end of the day (or week or month), you can see the totals and reward children for their accomplishments and perhaps set some goals. We plan to align our Dojo earnings with our Terrific Tickets classroom rewards this year! We have also heard of teachers using Dojo with class dollars to purchase from their class or school store.

You can generate data and you can share your data with parents too! Parents can even log-on from home to check how their child's day went. No need to record daily behavior in student planners!

We think Class Dojo is a pretty creative way to motivate students to always put their best foot forward and tie it into your classroom behavior management that you currently use! We hope you check it out too!

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  1. I started using Class Dojo last year after the year already started. I can't wait to introduce it to my class the first few days of school! I reward students daily. We have "Dojo time" in the afternoon. I keep a chart to check which point level they've reached that day and have been rewarded for. By Friday, usually all students have had an opportunity to get a treat that week based on their points. I have different prizes for different point levels. This helped me do away with Friday prize box. The prize box is now a part of my Dojo rewards.


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