October 25, 2014

Fall Favorites Blog Hop!

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This week we have been "Going Batty" in kindergarten. We like to learn about bats during the month of October to accompany our learning of Fall, Spiders, and Halloween.

The first day we start by making a KWL chart to see what background knowledge the children have about bats.

We like to display theme words in our classrooms for the duration of the theme. Here you see bats and spiders theme words together. We will be learning about spiders next week.

We then read a few non-fiction books about bats to help enhance what they already know and also to dispel myths they might have about bats. Children always seem to think that bats are harmful and want to suck your blood. They are surprised when they learn that some bats eat fruit!

We learned, by reading the books above, that bats use echolocation to find their way as well as to find their prey. The children took turns being a bat and using sounds to find the yummy insect they are looking to eat for dinner. Funny! 

After reading, children complete a bat book that contains several facts that we have learned about bats. We have made it interactive so the children have to fill in a missing word in the sentence on each page. Then, we practice reading their facts together so they can show off their skills at home!

Here a child is making a cover for his bat book. The children are given a bat outline and black construction paper. They tear pieces of the construction paper off and glue them onto the bat, covering the whole thing.

After all the construction paper pieces are glued down, the children put a thin layer of glue over top of them. We then let it sit over night so all of the glue can dry. 

The next day, we add wiggly eyes to the bats and Voila! We have a beautiful bat book cover! This can also be a stand alone art project as well. It is very good for fine motor skills. 

The children then completed a journal that showed something that they learned about bats.

The next day we read Bats at the Beach by Brian Lies. The children loved this book. If you haven't read it yet, you have to go and get yourself a copy!

Here is our favorite illustration from the story. We just loved the little bat's face when he put his toes in the ocean. Haha!
Here, they are acting out the illustration!

After reading, children completed a journal where they stated how they were like the bats in the story.

Look who is hanging out in our classrooms!
These are quite possibly the cutest bats out there!

We also made a yummy bat snack. We used Oreos to make the bat body and chocolate and peanut butter chips for the ears and eyes.

Yummy, yummy in my tummy!

Who Loves a Giveaway?!?

We JUST added a new literacy center for CVC spelling practice: Bat Loves to Spell!
Children can practice spelling twenty different CVC words to match pictures by assembling the bat bodies after segmenting the sounds and spelling the words...recording sheets are included too!

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The winner will be chosen on October 28th, 2014, when the Fall Favorites Blog Hop is over.
Good luck!

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We hope you enjoyed hearing all about our batty week!

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  1. Starting BATS Monday! I Love to make BAT BOOKS with them...LOVE THE ART WORK! Great HOP! THANKS! Wendy 1stgradefireworks@gmail.com 1stgradefireworks

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  3. We have not been studying bats so I don't have a favorite activity! Your ideas are so cute that I may use some next year! skk.worth@gmail.com

  4. We just finished our bat unit! Love your ideas! Definitely pinning for next year! Our favorite was the echolocation song!

  5. (Trying again) I start Bats on Monday with Gail Gibbons' Bats book and Stellaluna! Stellaluna is my FAVORITE! We will also complete a Bats can/have/are chart.

  6. We start our word families with a bat craft and -at words. :)
    lorepuckett at gmail dot com

  7. We make bats by tracing a pie pan twice. We take one of the circles and cut a zig zag line. These will be the wings. We add the face with a white crayon. The kids love it!

  8. I did bats for the first time this year and the kids LOVED it! LOVE LOVE LOVE your 'puzzles' and the adorable bat cookie! Be sure to check out 'Bats At the Library' too- another fun one by the same author! THANKS for the 'bat'-tastic post!
    Crayons & Cuties In Kindergarten

  9. I LOVE your puzzles and how the kids are acting out their bat moves. Such great ideas!

    Teaching Momster

  10. So cute to see the children's faces on the bats! I bet they loved them too!
    Burke's Special Kids

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  12. I like to read There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bat and do a bat craftivity. You have some great bat ideas I may have to incorporate for next year! mhouston@ufl.edu

  13. So many wonderful ideas. I especially like the children using echolocation. Bats are so interesting.

  14. I love the The Little Old Lady who swallowed a bat. In class we are making a tissue bats and coloring my number bats. scasper2006@yahoo.com

  15. I like to read Stelluna.


  16. These are the cutest ideas! Love the CVC bats!


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