November 30, 2014

Markdown Monday Linky Party! (December 1st - 5th)

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We would love it if you displayed your product and the linky on your blog and then link back to us. Thanks so much and have fun!
If you're not selling, but looking for bargains, please check out the fabulous discounted products in the linky party below! (Be sure to check back all week as teachers may be adding products throughout the week.)

This week we are featuring:

It is 50% off!
Click on the picture above to check it out in our store!

This activity will be a great beginning sound or initial sound identification practice for your children. You can use them as a literacy center or a small group activity. Children will look at the pictures provided and determine the beginning sound of each. After they have isolated the sound they will put the ornament on the tree with the correct alphabet letter. We have included all 26 letters of the alphabet, each with 4 pictures.

This pack also includes three different assessments for you to check your children's understanding of beginning sounds. 

We hope you enjoy this TREE-mendous deal this week! We also hope your children have fun with this center! Thanks for stopping by!

Also, don't forget that TpT is having a big Cyber Monday and Tuesday Sale! Enter code TPTCYBER at check out!


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