November 21, 2014

Product Swap with Miss Peluso....PLUS a Giveaway!

We are very excited to tell you about a product that we swaped with Miss Peluso's Kindergarten.
You can visit her blog here and also her TpT store here.


We were excited to get her "All About Numbers 1-10" pack to use with our children. We have been working very hard to build number sense since the beginning of kindergarten and we are always looking for new and fun ways to get the children motivated. Please check it out!

Playdough Mats
Who doesn't love playdough? We have only met a few children that don't like it. It can be so much fun. Not only is it good for our fine motor and creativity, it also a great tool to learn our numbers. Here a child is filling up the number three with playdough. Then she will add three playdough balls to the ten frame to show three in another way! 
The children loved these!

Number Puzzles
The children loved these puzzles! They worked together to piece together the numerals, number words, and ten frames for numbers 1 through 10.

Picture Puzzles
These were a hit with our children! We printed them in black and white and had some of the children color them with either markers or crayons. They then worked to put them back together.
First, they laid the puzzle on the carpet in random order.

Then, they put the puzzle back together by putting the numerals in order from 1-10.

The finished product reveals a cute picture!!

Here is another child putting together a picture of children on a seesaw.

 Number Towers
 We built towers with Unifix cubes after spinning number spinners. Children then put the towers on the right number. The partners played until they covered all of the numbers on their paper.

Ready for a Giveaway!?!
After trading products with Miss Peluso, we both decided to host a giveaway for the product we swapped. You can win a digital copy of the "All About Numbers 1-10" featured above! 
Simply enter this Rafflecopter below and check back on Sunday morning to see if you're the lucky winner!

Double Your Luck!

Head over to Miss Peluso's blog later today to check out our Gobbling Up Beginning Sounds pack and how she used it in her classroom. You can enter to win a copy of it too! Good luck!

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