November 27, 2014

Shop 'Til You Drop! Black Friday (& Saturday) $1 Sale!

Oohhh...who doesn't love a sale? We are so excited to be part of this Shop 'Til You Drop linky!
Everything, yes EVERYTHING, on this list is only $1 for Black Friday and Saturday too!
Get ready to save and stock up!

The following products in our store are on sale for only $1! Check them out!

This pack is full of fun! After reading the story, children will retell the events by putting the pictures in order in the old lady's belly. This pack also comes with a cube game to practice tally marks and graphing. This old lady is hard to resist!

Included in this pack are 25 different bingo game boards and calling cards. Our students have so much fun calling "Ho, Ho, Ho!" when they have a completed row rather than bingo! Get ready to play!

This product is perfect for helping your students learn how to use a ruler. The cute clipart is very engaging, ensuring that this pack will be a hit! This pack includes teacher modeling, cooperative group materials, and an assessment. Enjoy!

These writing pages are sure to improve your student's writing, word identification skills, reading, and spelling skills. Each page is holiday themed with adorable clipart and comes in color and B/W versions. Happy writing!

Thanks for stopping by!

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